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Shoes that every fashionista should have.

some of the basic shoes that every fashionista must have in the wardrobe.

Hey everyone.

You remember my post on fashion quotes? There was one for shoes

โ€œI firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.โ€ โ€“ Bette Milder.

I totally agree!!

Don’t you?

So guys the footwear that are supposed to have if you want to keep you fashion game up.

Doesn’t matter who we are and from where we are we all love styling ourselves to the best of our ability.

The first step towards getting an amazing look is to choose your clothes and accessories carefully. So that you will have the most of tge trending utems in your wardrobe.

So today we are going to look for a few shoe that are must haves.

First in your shoe collection you must have casual slipper that you can carry anywhere with you for a casual look.

Second, slipper are a must haves.

How can we forget about heels. Atleast, one pair of heels should be there in every women’s shoe collection. Sneakers are so trendy that everyone is buying them nowadays. If you don’t have sneakers then you have nothing. So if you don’t have them then it’s high time for you to get one. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or girl you must have sneakers.

Clear shoe. These transparent block heels are in so much trend from so long.

I love the front design on this.

So do you have all these or not?

Which among these you don’t have and wanna buy?

Are you the one who have all of these in you shoe collection?

Which one of these is your favourite?

Comment below and share your views.

Thank you.

By ankitaa01

fashion: live in style

19 replies on “Shoes that every fashionista should have.”

I have a slight obsession with shoes! All my shoes always match my outfit and my handbag needs to be color coordinated with everything as well! I always want everything to match perfectly! My shoe obsession goes so far that when I find a type I love, I want every color available! Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it? My husband “use” to tell me I had too many pairs of all types of shoes, but now he just understands they make me happy and let’s it go!

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Alyssa, your husband sounds like me. I realize my wife also likes shoes, so I like to see her be happy. She has all kinds, too, but, like a typical guy, I like how you ladies look in heels. Just a husband’s point of view…Nice article, too, Ankita….Don

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