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Shoes that every fashionista should have.

Hey everyone.

You remember my post on fashion quotes? There was one for shoes

“I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.” – Bette Milder.

I totally agree!!

Don’t you?

So guys the footwear that are supposed to have if you want to keep you fashion game up.

Doesn’t matter who we are and from where we are we all love styling ourselves to the best of our ability.

The first step towards getting an amazing look is to choose your clothes and accessories carefully. So that you will have the most of tge trending utems in your wardrobe.

So today we are going to look for a few shoe that are must haves.

First in your shoe collection you must have casual slipper that you can carry anywhere with you for a casual look.

Second, slipper are a must haves.

How can we forget about heels. Atleast, one pair of heels should be there in every women’s shoe collection. Sneakers are so trendy that everyone is buying them nowadays. If you don’t have sneakers then you have nothing. So if you don’t have them then it’s high time for you to get one. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or girl you must have sneakers.

Clear shoe. These transparent block heels are in so much trend from so long.

I love the front design on this.

So do you have all these or not?

Which among these you don’t have and wanna buy?

Are you the one who have all of these in you shoe collection?

Which one of these is your favourite?

Comment below and share your views.

Thank you.


Horizontal stripes.

Hello everyone.

Does horizontal lines make me look fat?

Does they make me look short?

These are question that we think all the time especially us the short and fat people.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It make us look a little short and fat than we truly are.

Then why are they still abundant in the market?

If no one wants to buy them then what’s the reason?

It is simple. The tall and thin people love the horizontal stripes. It’s best suited for their body type.

Also, some dresses are designed so well that even having horizontal lines on it doesn’t make you look shorter or more fat.

Then some other questions arise like:

Then why should we buy it?

Doea it mean we should clear all the stuff from our closets that has horizontal stripes?

Then the answer is no. It is because sometimes a few outfit with horizontal stripes too look gorgeous even on short and fat people.

The best reason why you should love horizontal stripes too is because they are best suited for the accessories like bags and heels.

I think these are looking amazing just because if horizontal stripes.

This is something I tried before doing this post on horizontal lines.

I think this was looking pretty good. It was because of the beauty of the product.

I hope you find this post somewhat interesting.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Have a nice day.

Be happy.




Golden and silver are all time party favourites. Today’s post is of ‘golden’ color and the next one will be ‘silver’.

As I have mentioned earlier golden is all about a perfect party look. So here are some items that’s gonna prove what I just said.

For this beautiful rose gold dress clickhere.

For this sexy dress clickhere.

For this dress clickhere.

For this dress clickhere.

For this dress clickhere.

This one is my favourite. Such a sexy dress 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

For this sexy dress clickhere.

For this beautiful clutch clickhere.

This flower decorator purse will surely make your look unique.

For this bag clickhere.

Golden heels also looks amazing if you are going to attend a party.

For these clickhere.

Another pair of heels if you don’t feel comfortable in pencil heels.

For these clickhere.

I’d love to know which one is your favourite?

And also what do you feel about golden color?

Hope you liked it.

I’ll be back soon with another post.




The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

Today’s outfits are of purple color.

First one is this lovely tee from H&M. I loved the design of a bird on it.

These are purple color sunglasses from H&M.

This cute bag is not fully purple but it is so cute that I included this in my list of purple items.

Purple color shoes from H&M.

Sequin crop top and box pleated skirt set from SHEIN.

Pearl beading crushed velvet dress.

Mock neck crushed velvet dress.

Loved these heart shaped indoor slippers from club factory.

And these fish head waterproof high heeled sandals are worth giving a try.

I hope u like it.

Tell me which is your favourite item in the comments.

I’ll be back with another post soon.☺☺☺☺


My wishlist for holi

GM bloggers…

As Holi is arriving soon I have prepared my wishlist for holi. Holi is the festival of colors and what I like about holi is colors and rangoli. The thing that I hate the most on Holi is ballons because they hurt too much…..

First thing in my wishlist is a really beautifull outfit. I found this outfit on fashion trends app. If you are looking for some awesome outfits then you should check that out.Black is my favourite color and nothing is better then a sexy black dress. I believe everyone should have a few black dresses. They look lovely.

These two beautiful necklaces are my favorite especially the orange one. Since I saw Rubina Dailak wearing this I am in love with this orange necklace. From that day I wanted to have that same necklace.

When we are talking about everything else how can we forget heels….

Of course, when you have a sexy dress then you must have heels too. These are the two that I really liked. These are perfectly matched with a lot of my outfits and that’s why I loved them.

Another dress that I would like to buy is this white rayon belted dress. This one is just because it was cheap and thought why to let this chance go away. It’s a simple , sweet dress.

A perfume is what we all need and as I was running out perfumes so I chose 2 bottles of perfumes for this .

I am sure perfumes will be added in your wishlist too.

Last but not the least is this stylish green and blue bag.

This is something you all want in your collection .

This is my wishlist what about your’s…