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7 Fashion rules that we should not follow.

outdated fashion rules which are nothing but a myth now.

Hey guys…

Today’s post is about fashion rules that according to many people are outdated and need to be broken.

But the question is: do you know what they are?

One is these is recently introduced by me.

• You should not mix pink and red

Like seriously, this is the most trending item in the fashion world. So those who still live in the world where red and pink can not work together, I will say wake up.

• Black and brown should not mixed.

According to me and many more will agree black and brown is one of the many top color mixtures. Both the colours are so versatile that works with almost everything. So how is this even possible that they don’t look good together.

• Prints and patterns

Prints and patterns look lovely, but only if you know how to manage them. It’s hard to get the best one but it’s it’s worth your effort. It looks amazingly beautiful.

• Your bag and footwear should be of same color.

I wanna make it clear that I am not saying that bag and footwear of same color look bad but it makes the outfit a little boring. So if you want to add some twist to your look then you must break this look.

Do you agree?

• Pyjamas are only good in the house.

The time is long gone when pyjamas worked only in the homes and not outside. Now they can be easily seen on the roads. So guys give a new twist your pyjamas and wear them outside At least one time.

• You should not dress like a kid.

Some people think that dressing like a kind is total nonsense and it shows that you have no fashion sense, but what I think is totally opposite dressing like a kid gives you creative freedom and most of the time it is best look someone can get.

• Same shoe

It is not a thing any more. You can always give your outfit a plus point by wearing different shoes.

So share your views about these broken trends.

Also share which fashion rule you don’t want to see again.

Thank you so much.


By ankitaa01

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32 replies on “7 Fashion rules that we should not follow.”

Different shoes? Like one shoe on one foot and a different shoe on the other foot? Like from different pairs? Now THAT is something I have not seen. And, quite honestly, it seemed interesting for about a second, then I thought of actually doing it. And the problem is every shoe feels different, so I feel like it would be awkward walking around when your feet felt so uneven, KWIM? Socks, sure. Earrings, okay. But shoes? Hmmm.


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Hahaha! I actually did wear different shoes. Not because I chose to, but because of a foot problem where I have to use a foot brace with good sneakers. But since I didn’t want to wear sneakers, I wore it only on the foot needing it and a different pretty shoe on my other foot. There was a time in my life where I would not have done that but I’m tired of wearing a CAM boot and now a brace with sneakers so I went for it.

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Mixing pink and red would take a bit of getting used to, because, IMHO, I think they are both dominant, stand-alone colors. Same for pink and green—some folks can pull it off, others, not so much. As for guys, I see a lot of guys wearing dark-colored suits with brown or lighter-toned shoes. I personally wouldn’t, but I think it is now pretty much acceptable. One of our local TV weather men does, but he pulls it off well.

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