8 plus size outfit ideas for spring.

Hello everyone.

Today’s post is really special for me. It’s actually because it is a very serious issue i.e. body shaming. Frankly telling I hate those people in our society who do so. Well, all of you must be aware of this situation but from a while I have come across really amazing people who openly challenge it. It takes a lot of courage to do so. Standing against the mob alone.

So, as the tittle suggest I am going to suggest 8 outfits for plus size ladies. Before that the best thing you can wear is confidence. I have seen a few girls out there who truly accept their body and then dress like a pro. I am not saying that you shouldn’t take care of body it’s just that shouldn’t give your body more importance than yourself. However, I will suggest to do some exercise because obesity increases the chances of a person to fall ill. Never give so much of importance to those body shamers out there. Learn to avoid such people.

I think like I have forgotten that I write a fashion blog but it is something that I really wanted to share with you guys I hope you agree with my views.

So now let’s come to the point: 8 items that will make you look like fashionista.

  • A dress like this one in the picture is surely something that you want to give a try.

  • This plazoo like bottom is really awesome. I love it’s design.

  • A pep hem top. Well fitted from above and then a little loose. Perfect to try.

  • A little cute dress. Have the confidence to try it once.

  • A off-shoulder top really looks amazing for plus size.

  • A skirt is something that suits everybody. It looks amazing.

  • A kimono shrug/jacket. I will recommend you to buy a kimono jacket. It gives a chic look.

  • At last, a very simple casual top that you can try and I dare you to wear it with shorts. If you not comfortable then it’s fine but I really want to say this that if you want to wear shorts and not wearing it just because you are afraid of getting comments then I request you to make sure you wear those shorts.

It will great to hear what you have to say on this. Please leave a comment below. It will incourage the people who are living in the fear of body shamers.

Thank you so much.

I’ll be back with another post soon .



By ankitaa01

fashion: live in style

33 replies on “8 plus size outfit ideas for spring.”

I like your post and the outfits presented. Body shaming goes all the directions (many also have an issue with skinny persons). It’s too bad that this happens, but no one should pay attention to what mean, limited and often silly people have to say. Congratulations on your article, both the idea behind it and the items presented are great!

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Thanks for writing this. Shared with my better who will find it helpful. It’s important the world doesn’t categorize or perceive people based on shape. For all health food organic food spending big sums on fitness firsts and nutritionists and having bamboo like figures, there are more people dying of more diseases than before. Give me back my old world. And thanks for this post. Plus size people are just as lovely

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Some nice looks, yes people should take care of their health, but they have to go out in public, work and enjoy live as they are doing it. Dress for the body you have not the one you want. When you get there then you can buy clothes. It is important to feel confident in the way you look so you can go into the world with a positive attitude. Keep up the good work.

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Good for you for taking this stand. When I was a teacher, I saw more bullying than most, and it was often over a kid’s body shape. There is nothing more limiting than unwelcome, destructive comments from the shamers. Dressing nicely is not a solution, but it is a start to giving back some of that stolen confidence.

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Wide leg trousers, a-line skirts. Dark colour and soft fabric work really well for big thighs.
Wider stack heels, open sided, and rounded toe shoe works best for wide feet.
Hope it helped.😊

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