Animal print

Hello everyone.

The series was interrupted as I posted ‘Happy birthday to me and a indowestern outfit‘ but this is a part of that series.

This post is about the animal print as the tittle suggests.

It is so famous because it is a symbol of ones wealth. It can be used to show off. It is considered to be royal because in the early times kings used to hunt animal and that was a proud thing for them.

Another factor for the popularity of the animal print over other pattern is that because animal lovers are a huge fan of it. Their choices depends on the animal they like or the colour they prefer.

Also, some people want to wear it because it is trendy. However animal print is not always in trend but after a interval of time it comes back and it’s effect is amazing.

You will observe it everywhere. On accessories and clothes, cars,wallpaper and a whole lot of things.

Best for rectangle body shape.

Animal prints goes really well with the monochrome outfit.

Also, you can add one of the accessories of animal print to your simple outfit into a hundred percent chic one.

I think that when you use animal print you should make it a point to acheive it as the most important element in your outfit. Don’t let it get lost in all the other amazing stuff.

When you use the animal print it should be the centre of attraction.

You can pair it with black, Brown, and red. All the animal prints go well with these colours.

You can highlight your outfit by using leather if you want to.

Footwear in animal print looks amazing. I like the leopard print on the footwear. Heels look great in animal print too.
It is hard to get this style exactly. It time to get PERFECTION.

So don’t get upset if don’t get it for the first time.

Next time you will do better.

Thank you so much for your precious time.



3 trending handbags.

Hello, everyone.

How are you all?

I hope you are doing well.

Today let’s talk about trends. According to me trend is something that keeps popping up on screen while you look for things you are interested in. From nearly 10-15 days I have come across three such things.

So according to what I have observed these are the three most trending handbags nowadays.

So the first one is the belt bag. It’s quite trendy best fitted with dress and a casual type wear. Specially the one from Gucci.

Second one is the wooden bag type. It feels really amazing to see how creative people are. I couldn’t have thought anything like this ever in my life.

Third one is the transparent handbag. Specially from CHANEL. It’s quite beautiful.

But personally I wouldn’t buy these for these my daily life use. However I can buy them for photoshoot. I think these two looks better in pics than in real life.

These are still trendy becaise these are unique and everyone has a thing for sonething unique. We easily get attracted to the things which are different from the rest.

Thank you.



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My favourite black.

When we talk about dressing black is the color that looks best on everybody. Anything in black is a masterpeice itself. It doesn’t need any accessory to be best. Black color is always in trend.

The first outfit is a bardot neckline top with drawstring pants. Perfect outfit for morning walk.

Another one is a casual yet sassy outfit. It is a letter print ribbed crop tee and skirt.

This one is a turtle neck pearl detail ribbed pencil dress. A classy outfit for dinner , party and movie.

Here are a few items from everyone’s favourite H&M.

Also two handbags are here one is simple large bag and other is a stone studded purse. Taken from fashion trends.

As always I have come up with a pair of heels. Hope u like it.

Bye bye..

Take care…

I’ll be back again with another post.


Four outfit ideas for this holi..

For those who prefer to wear indian outfits…

Mostly people prefer to wear authentic indian outfits on this auspicious day of holi. I am also one of them. On festivals like these I prefer to wear Indian outfits because these are only festivals and weddings when you get to wear traditional outfits.

As we are all inspired by bollywood. Holi outfits are of white color. If you don’t want to wear white then that’s your choice you can opt. for something else, but I prefer a white outfit.

The outfit should not have too much embroidery or stone work. A decent outfit is well suited for this occasion of holi.

For those who prefer to wear western outfits..

The teenagers wants to celebrate with their friends and then they like to wear western. Ofcourse who wants to be called bahenji.

Mostly girls in the group wants to wear shorts. Some also prefer dresses. So I have come up with these two outfits.

You should avoid wearing pencil heels on this day you can see none of these outfits have pencil heels.

I hope you like it.