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Polka dots and how to style them.

Hey guys.

How are you doing?

This time I am gonna share two outfits in polka dots. Polka dots are now in rise in the trending prints and patterns. Polka dots can be worn by people of any age group. Do you agree, or not?

Polka dots are really cute, stylish and elegant. Polka dots are really trendy in dresses. Short ones or the long ones both looks amazingly beautiful in polka dots. Skirt in polka dots is trendy too.

Polka dots play an important role in vintage looks too.

These are the dresses that I have in polka dots. Those who follow me on Instagram must have seen these pics.

The polka dots in dresses is the oldest but still the latest trend.

I mentioned these polka dots in my post Different print and patterns.. Check that out if you haven’t.

How to style polka dots?

• One is of the biggest perks of polka dots is that these can be easily matched with other patterns.

• Polka dots in scarfs can make your look even better.

• Polka dots can work very well for an outfit for office, if you choose a top with polka dots and style that with a plain bottom.

• You can also style polka dots to get a perfect vintage look.

Share your views on polka dots. I would love to know what you think about it.

Thank you.


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Multiple bag trend.

Hey guys.

Hope you are doing well.

Another trend that has arrived at our doors. It seems that for many people one handbag is not enough. They need more like two or three.

It is especially in the case of office going look.

More than one bag attached as one is also something that you should try.

It happens with me sometimes that my bag is full and I want to add some sensitive stuff or something that I use very frequenty in that bag but it’s hard place it in there. At that it occurs to me that I should carry a mini bag with me.

Do you think the same sometimes?

As now I know that it is one of the hottest trends nowadays I will get myself a bag that is collection of two or three different bags which will look cool together as well as individually.

Also the multiple bag trend is not just about comfort it’s about style too. Two or three little bags are joined to create a single bag. It looks amazing and this is really comfy.

We can carry two totally different bags too. Just take care that it looks good and match any two handbags that you wanna carry. Mostly it is one large and one small bag but that’s totally on you to select and mix the sizes of the bags.

I love the concept of multiple bags because is it take cares of the concerns of people to place things properly in their bags.

What think about these different handbag style?

Do you think the comfy things should be the trending ones?

Do think what’s more important to you- looking good or being comfortable in what you wear?

Thank you so much.


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The Ruffle style

Hey guys.

The trend that is making it’s way to the top is the ruffle style.

What is ruffle?

A piece that gathers into frills.

Both Indian and western outfit are upgrading with the help of ruffle design.

How to style it?

• Style ruffle top with a pencil skirt.

A sleeveless ruffle top looks really amazing with a pencil skirt. Just don’t forget to it in. Try blazer over it yo get one of the best office looks.

• Style ruffle top with denim

Wear ruffle tops over a denim skirt. It will inspire young fashion. Ruffle top can also be style with a denim jeans or shorts. Both of the looks will look effortlessly amazing.

• Try ruffle top with plazoo or pants.

It is a disturbed pattern. So it will match very well with pants and especially plazoo.

• Wear a ruffle dress with simple high heels.

Ruffle dresses are so trendy. It can be used to wear in your daily routine as well as for some special occasion. Put on some good makeup and you are absolutely ready to go.


• Accessories with the help of ruffle bags and shoes.

If you are keeping your outfit. Then add a little bit of this new style into your look by adding a few accessories in ruffle design.

• Indian in ruffle fashion.

Give your ethnic look a new twist by wearing an amazing ruffled Saree or a ruffled plazoo with a simple kurti.

Share your views on ruffle fashion.

Which item is your favourite in ruffle design?

Mine is a dress and ofcourse that lovely Saree.

What do you think about the cute ruffled bags?

Share your views. I would love to know what attracts you the most.

Thank you.


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Tulle skirt.

Hey guys..

I hope you guys are doing well.

I guess there is hardly someone who doesn’t know about tulle skirts.

I have been coming across a lot of tulle skirts nowadays. So I thought if someone hasn’t seen in this trend then they must know it.

The most common way to style a tulle skirt is a simple white Gucci or Vogue shirt and you can give it a style statement by using a simple thin belt.

Tulle tops look super duper cute like a princess. It looks amazingly awesome.

Tulle dress with sexy heels looks really amazing.

How to style tulle skirt?

• Style it with a denim jacket.

• Style it with a tank top.

• Style it with a simple tee (black or white mostly)

• Style it with shirt. (Plain)

• Style it in layer style.

Using ankle length boots with ankle lenght tulle skirt is something I love.

My favourite is the second one, like in the picture. Styling tulle skirt with a tank top.

Have you tried tulle skirt or top?

How do you style a tulle skirt?

What do you think about this style?

Thank you so much for reading my post.


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Tiny sunglasses are back.

Hey guyss…

Hope you are doing well.

So guess what’s back in trend.

The tiny sunglasses or you can say the micro sunglasses.

Who’s behind all this?

I mean whom can we give credit for this trend.

First one is definitely priyanka chopra, Kayne, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner.

However this is not trendy in India yet. Mostly people in India do not find these sunglasses attractive except the fashion bloggers.

I have seen on Instagram that most of the fashion bloggers have given these tiny glasses a right opportunity and it worked out very well for them.

Tiny sunglasses are available in different shapes like cat eye, circular, oval, rectangular and square.

Which one do you prefer??

These are available in a variety of colours like yellow, red, pink, blue, silver, transparent and black.

So guys this season give a try to these micro sunglasses a chance to take your fashion game up.

This trend will be around us At least for a few years. It might survive even after that.

Share your views about the tiny/micro sunglasses.

Will you give them a try or not?

Thank you.

I’ll be back with another post soon.


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“Red and pink is the new black and white.”

Hey guys…

As my last post was about using your old wardrobe and turn it into a new classy one by creating a fusion look this one about the trendy colour fusion.

The two colours which are totally different from one another and we could never imagine them together but today when you see these red and pink colours working together to give one of the best looks, it is something amazing.


So guys if you are active on your fashion updates then you must know that red and pink is the new black and white. Like you can wear black and anytime anywhere, similarly you can do the same with red and pink today.

A chic dress with red and pink color is must have for today.

Hot red and hot pink colours just rock your look.

How to get the best look from red and pink?

Best look is the one with a skirt in this one. Try a red skirt and pink top or pink skirt red top.

Taken from Media common

Another look can be a super classy jumpsuits with these two colours.

Also a dress looks pretty much amazing in these colours.

Together these colours give a celebrity like look.

Even a Saree looks amazing in pink and red colours. There was a time when red and pink lehanga was the first choice of the bride but that is outdated now. So no more pink and red bridal lehanga. Brides prefer to wear shades like peach.

Other than that pink and red is a must have wardrobe item

Hollywood and Bollywood stars are taking this style to the next level. You can do the same.

So guys next time you go for shopping keep in mind that there is something trendy which is ‘red and pink.’

Which color is better red or pink?

Type in the comments R for red and P for pink.

Do you think you can try this style?

Or you are afraid?

What do you think about the combination of red and pink?

Thank you.

I’ll be back with another post soon.



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Something that’s called Anorak.

Hey guys.

Starting from telling the truth a month ago I didn’t knew that there is something like this anorak. So, I thought that I should share it with you guys.

I really wanna know how many of you are the ones who didn’t knew about anorak before this post.

So, what exactly is this anorak?

It is basically a waterproof jacket,basically with a hood of a kind used in polar regions.

So the conclusion is that it is just a jacket but it just got lucky and now it’s not not just a jacket it’s the trendiest jacket. Now forget about those biker jackets and those military jackets. It is the new trend.

It is complete in itself. Models and fashionistas are wearing it like a dress.

It can be paired up with a jean and a top just like a usual jacket or it can be paired up with a simple dress.

Wear it with a lace top and skirt for a dinner or date.

Who will dare to wear this anorak??

We don’t usually have time to search for the trends going on. Sometimes we don’t realise that something is in trend. That’s why I have decided to introduce some trends for you guys. So, whenever I’ll find out a new trend I’ll definitely do a post on it. So that you guys will get an update on the trends.

The first thing that came to my mind after knowing about anoraks is that; are they like raincoats?

I know that’s a little silly but still.

And they are actually so.

So asking again who knew about anoraks and who didn’t?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

If you remember a post of mine wedding inspiration. I have published that on a site with an update. Plz check out the updated version.

Guys, don’t forget to follow me on instagram.


Thank you.


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Sheer tops and dresses.

Hello everyone.

Hope all of you are doing well.

One of the most trendiest thing from a year or so is the sheer fashion.

They are sexy, sensual, desirable, steamy and alluring.

Sheer dresses are the latest Hollywood thing. It’s gonna be long way for them to be out of trend. You can see many actresses such as Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence and many more are wearing it from a daily look to a red carpet look. This makes it a trend among common people too. It’s because we look upto them for our instant guide.

Sheer accessories have also taken a hike in the trend list. Sheer handbags and shoes are trendy but they are in and out of fashion trends very fast.

Indian fashion bloggers like Shalini Chopra are also promoting the sheer style. That’s why I thought I should do a post on this too.

In India the Bollywood divas like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika padukon, Sonam kapoor and disha Patani are promoting the sheer trend.

You can pair up your sheer tops with a spaghetti or a crop top. That depends on your preference and also the type of sheer top.

These are a few types that you can try with your sheer top. I personally love the one that has something written on it if the sheer top is plain. If the sheer top has some work like embroidery or lace then I choose the top to be really simple.

What kind of sheer do you like?

How many of you think sheer style in accessories is a fashion blessing?

How will you pair up sheer?

Spaghetti or crop top?

Thank you so much for your precious time.



Culottes:trend 2018

Hey everyone.

Let’s start with the one of the most trending things these summers.

Is there anyone who didn’t heard the word culottes?

Well if you have then it’s great but for those who don’t know:

Culottes are actually loose pants which are 2/3 in length than a usual pant.

Culottes are trendy and can be styled in many ways. You can wear Culottes on occasion like bunch,date,movie,a day to with your friends,any festival or function,office,as a casual everyday look.

It quite a lot. Right?

I can hardly think of a place where you can’t wear it.

If you know how to carry the outfit with grace you are going to rock this latest trend.

Coming to the styling part. It will certainly depend where you are going to wear it.

• For a casual look: pair up culottes with a casual top or kurti. They also look good with oversized sweaters or knitted tops. I will suggest you to go for pastel colours.

• For a brunch: pair up culottes with a designer top.A bandeau top will look amazing with a blazer.

• For office: Try to wear dark colour mostly black or blue. Pair the culottes with a chic jacket,and you have a perfect look for office. You can a piece of leather to your outfit to make it look more stylish.

• Festival/Function: For a perfect Indian look pair up with a stylish kurti.

Culottes can be paired up with a shirt and you can add to sweater over it if you want to layer the look.

Culottes can also be worn by males. So don’t think that these are just for women. Culottes are good for both men and women.

Culottes look amazing on tall people but these can also work amazingly for the shorty like me. Believe me when I say it!🙄

You just have to careful while choosing the best pair if culottes for yourself. As I always says fabric plays an important role while you choose your outfit. So make sure you choose the best for your body type.

Try high waisted and well-tailored culottes. They will look amazing. Don’t forget your heels to rock your look.

So guys go for culottes these summers.

Thank you so much for reading my post.

Tell me what you think about culottes.

Also, I would love to know what are views on this post.

Remind me if I have forgotten to mention anything.

Have a nice day.