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Happy Raksha Bandhan !!

Hey guys…

I hope you guys are doing well.

All Indians know what Raksha Bandhan is.

For the rest:

Raksha Bandhan is a festival to celebrate the special bond that a brother and sister share.

It’s like saying thank you for being so awesome and making each others life more beautiful everyday.

Feelings of brother and sister are same when it comes to their views about each other. Which are like-

“We fight, we complaint about each other but we still the bond and concern remains the same. No matter how far we are, distance can never make us apart.”

How the celebrations go on?

All the siblings and cousins get together at this day. Then the sister tie a bracelet on the wrist of her brothers (including cousions) that is called RAKHI.

RAKHI was originally made up of threads but with time it has been replaced by gold and silver bracelets, but me and my family still use the Rakhi made up of threads.

Everyone eats sweets and then comes the gift giving moment. Basically the brother used to give gift to sister but with time now both brother and sister give each other gifts.

Then the whole day is fun day.😁

Raksha Bandhan: Brother is supposed to protect his sister but as today’s women doesn’t need that much protection, this festivals is a symbol of the cute bond of brother and sister.

So this day all the sisters and brothers flaunt your style with an amazing RAKHI on your wrist.

Let it be simple and elegant yet sassy.


Mention the name of your siblings or cousins with whom you will lobe to celebrate this Rakshabandhan.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.