Abstract pattern.

Hello everyone.

Today I am going to write a few lines on abstract pattern as the next part of the series ‘pattern’.

What is abstract?

It is actually an imaginary form of art. It hardly resembles the materialistic things in this world.

Abstract pattern looks good and creative as well. Abstract pattern is expanding it’s reach to every possible end of fashion.

• Shirts

• Tops

• Skirts

• Dresses

• Handbags

• Gym wear

• Home decors

• And much more

It helps you look creative and charming. When you wear abstract pattern it conveys a message about you that you understand art and also appreciate the creativity of creative minds.

Similar to the animal print it looks amazing with monochrome outfit.

Black and white rule the fashion world. You can hardly go wrong with them.

Dresses with abstract pattern are the must haves of this season and the trend of all time. This trend is going to flourish in the upcoming time according to me.

You can easily get a carefree look with abstract patterns.

Coming to the ethnic wear saree and kurti look fresh and vibrant with abstract pattern.

Backpack and handbags also looks perfect piece of art with the involvent if abstract designs.

Try to avoid mixing abstract pattern,if you are new in the game of mix match,and wear.

It can make you look horrific and it might just make you look a jerk with no sense of fashion but if you are bored with the regular styling of abstract pattern and have quite the knowledge and wanna experiment with your look then go ahead.

Good luck with that.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read my posts.

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Geometric pattern.

Fresh vibes from the geometric patterns.
Triangle,circle,square,rectangle geometric patterns.

Hello everyone.

The patterns which have geometrical shapes like circle,triangle,rectangle,and square are the geometrical pattern.

Different designs can be designed by using these specific shapes.

I love geometrical patterns on the short skirts. Everything looks unique when have geometrical patterns,but there is a different charm in the skirt with geometrical pattern.

Knee lenght skirt with triangular geometric pattern. Colors used are black,red,sky blue.
Skirt with geometric print

You can easily style a skirt a black or white shirt.

It gives an antique look. Something like, vintage.

Romania is well know for it’s beautiful geometric patterns.

Dhaka topi also have these geometric patterns.

Best paired up with simple different color items. It highlights the geometric pattern. This makes your look a little bit more interesting and unique. It is a look with elegance. It will give you a new and fresh look.

This season try some different and amazing geometric patterns on different clothing items.

Handbags looks pretty awesome in the geometric patterns.

Jewellry looks so much more glorious than the rest of it.

So I suggest you guys to add a few more geomertic patterns in your wardrobe.

Thank you so much for you precious time.


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Vertical stripes.

Hello everyone

As the series of the pattern is going on I would love to introduce this post ‘vertical stripes’.

How many of you love the animal zebra? Also, who thinks that zebra is beautiful because of it’s stripes.

Well, I am the one who thinks so. I think zebra is really amazing and the reason is the black and white stripes.

Talking about vertical lines these are considered best for short and plus size people. It is so because vertical lines gives an illusion of longer and thinner body type.

However, it’s not the only why I love vertical stripe pattern. It adds grace to everything. I personally love handbags with stripes.

It doesn’t matter whether those are vertical or horizontal.

You can find a lot of dresses and tops. I prefer some vibrant colors.😍

Have some pieces with stripes in your wardrobe.

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