What is the best print for spring?

Hello everyone.

How are you all?

Let’s talk about prints today. Prints can make an outfit look really great but you see a lot of prints in the market and wonder which one is perfect or which one is better.

According to me a nature inspired look is perfect for spring. Everybody loves flowers so what do you think of wearing a flower printed dress in spring. Beautiful prints of flower will make you look radiant. My tip for you is to choose bright colours rather than the dull ones. This one is very common and many people find it obvious for spring.

I loved this sunflower printed dress. Also, this is the size of the prints the I love the most.

What do you think about wearing a dress with with a print of leaves. Leaves can also look amazing on dress. Have a look at this dress.

Talking about prints it is really important to take care of the size of the print. I like the medium size however some people like small and some like the large ones. It is totally fine to choose according to your taste.

What do you think about prints?? Which is your favourite print for spring?? What is the size of print you like the most??

Is there anyone who thinks that prints are not cool?

I am surely not.

I hope you like this post.