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How to style a kurta/kurti?

Hello everyone.

First of all, what is a kurta/kurti?

It is basically a long top with two symmetric side slits worn by both men and women. However the kurta for men and women have some different designs.

What I just told you is the basic theme of a kurta/kurti. However, not all kurta/kurti fits into that definition. The kurti that I am wearing in this post today is the most basic kind of kurti. Kurti comes in a lot of patterns that changes with a even the slightest change in things like the design of the sleeves,neckline of the kurti.

Kurta/kurti are worn by all age groups in India. Like, starting from the little kids to the grandfathers and grandmothers. The only thing that changes is the way they style them.

So, a kurta/kurti can be worn with different kind of bottoms like plazoo, pants, denim, skirt,dhoti and salwar.

Do you remember I told you what a salwar is?

If not then check out the post on the sangeet ceremony. The white color bottom with a little pattern on it is the salwar. Also, this is another way we can style a kurta/kurti.

So for today’s look I wore a green color krti with black color plazoo. The kurti I am wearing have vertical stripes and the green color is present in different shades. Plazoo looks stunning when wore over the heels. The best part is the choker. I just love that choker. This outfit would have been nothing without it.

So this is it.

Share what you think about this look.

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How to wear booties with pants?

Gm bloggers.

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I was looking for something on the browser and I find out that a question that people ask frequently is how to wear booties with pants?

If anyone among you don’t know what booties are then let me tell you that ankle length boots are also known as booties.

The best way is to wear them with ankle lenght pants if they are well fitted.

If you do not have ankle lenght pants then you can fold your regular pants twice with a little margin. It will give you a really amazing look.

If you want to wear booties with loose fitted pants then they will cover the booties. This can look realy weird as well as really chic. It depends on the outfit that you are choosing.

So if you are choosing the first two options then its really easy for you rather than the third option but if you want to experiment your outfit or want some change then you can try the third one.

Thank you so much for your precious time.

How will you style booties with pants???

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