Four outfit ideas for this holi..

For those who prefer to wear indian outfits…

Mostly people prefer to wear authentic indian outfits on this auspicious day of holi. I am also one of them. On festivals like these I prefer to wear Indian outfits because these are only festivals and weddings when you get to wear traditional outfits.

As we are all inspired by bollywood. Holi outfits are of white color. If you don’t want to wear white then that’s your choice you can opt. for something else, but I prefer a white outfit.

The outfit should not have too much embroidery or stone work. A decent outfit is well suited for this occasion of holi.

For those who prefer to wear western outfits..

The teenagers wants to celebrate with their friends and then they like to wear western. Ofcourse who wants to be called bahenji.

Mostly girls in the group wants to wear shorts. Some also prefer dresses. So I have come up with these two outfits.

You should avoid wearing pencil heels on this day you can see none of these outfits have pencil heels.

I hope you like it.