3 trending handbags.

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Today let’s talk about trends. According to me trend is something that keeps popping up on screen while you look for things you are interested in. From nearly 10-15 days I have come across three such things.

So according to what I have observed these are the three most trending handbags nowadays.

So the first one is the belt bag. It’s quite trendy best fitted with dress and a casual type wear. Specially the one from Gucci.

Second one is the wooden bag type. It feels really amazing to see how creative people are. I couldn’t have thought anything like this ever in my life.

Third one is the transparent handbag. Specially from CHANEL. It’s quite beautiful.

But personally I wouldn’t buy these for these my daily life use. However I can buy them for photoshoot. I think these two looks better in pics than in real life.

These are still trendy becaise these are unique and everyone has a thing for sonething unique. We easily get attracted to the things which are different from the rest.

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I worked so hard to find orange color outfits. I found it so rare. Maybe because I didn’t collected that before.

Things like this always happen when you haven’t prepared for that earlier. The same thing happened with me.😔😔

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun.

I have come up with a few items. 🙄🙄

First one is this beautiful dress wore by parineeti.

Another dress wore by sargun mehta.

This one outfit wore by zareen khan is so cute!!!

These two are from limeroad. Lovely orange dress and top.

These are lovely flats.

Also, two handbags are so lovely.

This one is taken from fashion trend app.


Bye bye.

I’ll be back with another post soon.



My wishlist for holi

GM bloggers…

As Holi is arriving soon I have prepared my wishlist for holi. Holi is the festival of colors and what I like about holi is colors and rangoli. The thing that I hate the most on Holi is ballons because they hurt too much…..

First thing in my wishlist is a really beautifull outfit. I found this outfit on fashion trends app. If you are looking for some awesome outfits then you should check that out.Black is my favourite color and nothing is better then a sexy black dress. I believe everyone should have a few black dresses. They look lovely.

These two beautiful necklaces are my favorite especially the orange one. Since I saw Rubina Dailak wearing this I am in love with this orange necklace. From that day I wanted to have that same necklace.

When we are talking about everything else how can we forget heels….

Of course, when you have a sexy dress then you must have heels too. These are the two that I really liked. These are perfectly matched with a lot of my outfits and that’s why I loved them.

Another dress that I would like to buy is this white rayon belted dress. This one is just because it was cheap and thought why to let this chance go away. It’s a simple , sweet dress.

A perfume is what we all need and as I was running out perfumes so I chose 2 bottles of perfumes for this .

I am sure perfumes will be added in your wishlist too.

Last but not the least is this stylish green and blue bag.

This is something you all want in your collection .

This is my wishlist what about your’s…