My wishlist for holi

GM bloggers…

As Holi is arriving soon I have prepared my wishlist for holi. Holi is the festival of colors and what I like about holi is colors and rangoli. The thing that I hate the most on Holi is ballons because they hurt too much…..

First thing in my wishlist is a really beautifull outfit. I found this outfit on fashion trends app. If you are looking for some awesome outfits then you should check that out.Black is my favourite color and nothing is better then a sexy black dress. I believe everyone should have a few black dresses. They look lovely.

These two beautiful necklaces are my favorite especially the orange one. Since I saw Rubina Dailak wearing this I am in love with this orange necklace. From that day I wanted to have that same necklace.

When we are talking about everything else how can we forget heels….

Of course, when you have a sexy dress then you must have heels too. These are the two that I really liked. These are perfectly matched with a lot of my outfits and that’s why I loved them.

Another dress that I would like to buy is this white rayon belted dress. This one is just because it was cheap and thought why to let this chance go away. It’s a simple , sweet dress.

A perfume is what we all need and as I was running out perfumes so I chose 2 bottles of perfumes for this .

I am sure perfumes will be added in your wishlist too.

Last but not the least is this stylish green and blue bag.

This is something you all want in your collection .

This is my wishlist what about your’s…