Blue Best

GM bloggers..

I am really thankful for the love and support that you are giving me. All the photos until now are taken from either a app or the browser. None of them are mine, but as I am getting close to 100 followers I have decided to share my own pic for the next post.

So for this one I have come up with some angelic items that you can surely include in your wardrobe.

The first one is a bewitching anarkali suit, lovely blue color semi stiched outfit from Amazon.

The second outfit is perfect for a prom. I just love the work on it. I hope you will find it as much intersting as I do. This is taken from

The Bohemian style dress is perfect for a sweet simple look.

This is beautiful gathered sleeves pearl beaded wrap top. Such a grand outfit .

Stunning handbags that you can definitely give a try.

So many of people are appreciating shoes that’s why I have come up with a few more. All from limeroad as you can see.

No outfit is complete without accessories. So here are a these few.

Bye bye …


Outfit dedicated to Holi…

Happy Holi bloggers….

As today is Holi(the festival of colors) , I am going to dedicated most of this month to colors. From now onwards until the end of this month all my posts will be color oriented. One color for each day. It sounds cool right!! Different colors everyday. Life will be so colorful.

As, today is holi so today’s outfit will be multicolored.

A colorful maxi dress with sky blue heels is all you need for a perfect outdoor outfit. Whether you are going for lunch or shopping.

A colorful jacket will make your day radiant. A bright smile is a perfect match for this beautifull jacket.

A colorful body hugging dress with so beautifull colors is so amazing especially with black heels is worth giving try.

Look at this beautiful outfit wore by Dhrasti. So damn sexy. Full sleeves, ground kissing, collar design.

The perfect outfit for a bridesmaid. A perfect attire for wedding.

Look at these colorful heels. I can give it a try, for sure.

Hope u like it.

Once again happy holi