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Something that’s called Anorak.

Hey guys.

Starting from telling the truth a month ago I didn’t knew that there is something like this anorak. So, I thought that I should share it with you guys.

I really wanna know how many of you are the ones who didn’t knew about anorak before this post.

So, what exactly is this anorak?

It is basically a waterproof jacket,basically with a hood of a kind used in polar regions.

So the conclusion is that it is just a jacket but it just got lucky and now it’s not not just a jacket it’s the trendiest jacket. Now forget about those biker jackets and those military jackets. It is the new trend.

It is complete in itself. Models and fashionistas are wearing it like a dress.

It can be paired up with a jean and a top just like a usual jacket or it can be paired up with a simple dress.

Wear it with a lace top and skirt for a dinner or date.

Who will dare to wear this anorak??

We don’t usually have time to search for the trends going on. Sometimes we don’t realise that something is in trend. That’s why I have decided to introduce some trends for you guys. So, whenever I’ll find out a new trend I’ll definitely do a post on it. So that you guys will get an update on the trends.

The first thing that came to my mind after knowing about anoraks is that; are they like raincoats?

I know that’s a little silly but still.

And they are actually so.

So asking again who knew about anoraks and who didn’t?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Thank you.