Culottes:trend 2018

Hey everyone.

Let’s start with the one of the most trending things these summers.

Is there anyone who didn’t heard the word culottes?

Well if you have then it’s great but for those who don’t know:

Culottes are actually loose pants which are 2/3 in length than a usual pant.

Culottes are trendy and can be styled in many ways. You can wear Culottes on occasion like bunch,date,movie,a day to with your friends,any festival or function,office,as a casual everyday look.

It quite a lot. Right?

I can hardly think of a place where you can’t wear it.

If you know how to carry the outfit with grace you are going to rock this latest trend.

Coming to the styling part. It will certainly depend where you are going to wear it.

• For a casual look: pair up culottes with a casual top or kurti. They also look good with oversized sweaters or knitted tops. I will suggest you to go for pastel colours.

• For a brunch: pair up culottes with a designer top.A bandeau top will look amazing with a blazer.

• For office: Try to wear dark colour mostly black or blue. Pair the culottes with a chic jacket,and you have a perfect look for office. You can a piece of leather to your outfit to make it look more stylish.

• Festival/Function: For a perfect Indian look pair up with a stylish kurti.

Culottes can be paired up with a shirt and you can add to sweater over it if you want to layer the look.

Culottes can also be worn by males. So don’t think that these are just for women. Culottes are good for both men and women.

Culottes look amazing on tall people but these can also work amazingly for the shorty like me. Believe me when I say it!🙄

You just have to careful while choosing the best pair if culottes for yourself. As I always says fabric plays an important role while you choose your outfit. So make sure you choose the best for your body type.

Try high waisted and well-tailored culottes. They will look amazing. Don’t forget your heels to rock your look.

So guys go for culottes these summers.

Thank you so much for reading my post.

Tell me what you think about culottes.

Also, I would love to know what are views on this post.

Remind me if I have forgotten to mention anything.

Have a nice day.



Floral print

Hello everyone

As the series about patterns is heading towards its end I am really happy to introduce this fresh pattern.

Floral patterns are mostly the prints which resembles to the flowers. Floral prints is endless. We have so many varieties of flowers which can be creatively added to this fashion world. Nature is the new queen of fashion. It is inspiring such lovely trends nowadays. It doesn’t have to be an original flower, designs that resembles to the flowers can also counted in floral print. One thing that I want to add is floral print is not just about the flowers it can also define the leaves too. Leaves are also a part of the flowers and hence they are also the floral patterns.

The most beautiful thing that I like in floral print are the casual deesses that have floral print on them.

If you remember I did a post on 12 best boots for women one of those boots were of floral print.

Scarfs are also admired in the floral prints.

Flower inspired jewellery is known to auspicious and that’s why many brides wear flower jewellery in atleast one function of their wedding. When it became a trend the jewellry used to be artificial but it has changed since. Now the jewellery is made up of actual flowers. Mostly this jewellery is preffered on the haldi ceremony.

Handbags with floral print also look elegant and classy when paired up well. I prefer to take a floral bag with a simple dress with absolut no pattern.😊😊

In summers floral print is found everywhere.

I did a post on best print for spring . That is almost similar to this one because best print for summers is the floral print.

I think wearing floral print make you look carefree and confident.

Tell me what you like most about florals?

Before that I want to ask you what floral print actually mean to you?

Is there anyone who thinks that men can also have floral prints in their wardrobe?

Thank you so much for your precious time.



Abstract pattern.

Hello everyone.

Today I am going to write a few lines on abstract pattern as the next part of the series ‘pattern’.

What is abstract?

It is actually an imaginary form of art. It hardly resembles the materialistic things in this world.

Abstract pattern looks good and creative as well. Abstract pattern is expanding it’s reach to every possible end of fashion.

• Shirts

• Tops

• Skirts

• Dresses

• Handbags

• Gym wear

• Home decors

• And much more

It helps you look creative and charming. When you wear abstract pattern it conveys a message about you that you understand art and also appreciate the creativity of creative minds.

Similar to the animal print it looks amazing with monochrome outfit.

Black and white rule the fashion world. You can hardly go wrong with them.

Dresses with abstract pattern are the must haves of this season and the trend of all time. This trend is going to flourish in the upcoming time according to me.

You can easily get a carefree look with abstract patterns.

Coming to the ethnic wear saree and kurti look fresh and vibrant with abstract pattern.

Backpack and handbags also looks perfect piece of art with the involvent if abstract designs.

Try to avoid mixing abstract pattern,if you are new in the game of mix match,and wear.

It can make you look horrific and it might just make you look a jerk with no sense of fashion but if you are bored with the regular styling of abstract pattern and have quite the knowledge and wanna experiment with your look then go ahead.

Good luck with that.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read my posts.

Have a nice day.



Geometric pattern.

Fresh vibes from the geometric patterns.
Triangle,circle,square,rectangle geometric patterns.

Hello everyone.

The patterns which have geometrical shapes like circle,triangle,rectangle,and square are the geometrical pattern.

Different designs can be designed by using these specific shapes.

I love geometrical patterns on the short skirts. Everything looks unique when have geometrical patterns,but there is a different charm in the skirt with geometrical pattern.

Knee lenght skirt with triangular geometric pattern. Colors used are black,red,sky blue.
Skirt with geometric print

You can easily style a skirt a black or white shirt.

It gives an antique look. Something like, vintage.

Romania is well know for it’s beautiful geometric patterns.

Dhaka topi also have these geometric patterns.

Best paired up with simple different color items. It highlights the geometric pattern. This makes your look a little bit more interesting and unique. It is a look with elegance. It will give you a new and fresh look.

This season try some different and amazing geometric patterns on different clothing items.

Handbags looks pretty awesome in the geometric patterns.

Jewellry looks so much more glorious than the rest of it.

So I suggest you guys to add a few more geomertic patterns in your wardrobe.

Thank you so much for you precious time.



Animal print

Hello everyone.

The series was interrupted as I posted ‘Happy birthday to me and a indowestern outfit‘ but this is a part of that series.

This post is about the animal print as the tittle suggests.

It is so famous because it is a symbol of ones wealth. It can be used to show off. It is considered to be royal because in the early times kings used to hunt animal and that was a proud thing for them.

Another factor for the popularity of the animal print over other pattern is that because animal lovers are a huge fan of it. Their choices depends on the animal they like or the colour they prefer.

Also, some people want to wear it because it is trendy. However animal print is not always in trend but after a interval of time it comes back and it’s effect is amazing.

You will observe it everywhere. On accessories and clothes, cars,wallpaper and a whole lot of things.

Best for rectangle body shape.

Animal prints goes really well with the monochrome outfit.

Also, you can add one of the accessories of animal print to your simple outfit into a hundred percent chic one.

I think that when you use animal print you should make it a point to acheive it as the most important element in your outfit. Don’t let it get lost in all the other amazing stuff.

When you use the animal print it should be the centre of attraction.

You can pair it with black, Brown, and red. All the animal prints go well with these colours.

You can highlight your outfit by using leather if you want to.

Footwear in animal print looks amazing. I like the leopard print on the footwear. Heels look great in animal print too.
It is hard to get this style exactly. It time to get PERFECTION.

So don’t get upset if don’t get it for the first time.

Next time you will do better.

Thank you so much for your precious time.



Happy birthday to me and a indo-western outfit.

Hello everyone.


Today’s my 18th birthday. Happy birthday to me and to all those people who share this day with me.

So on this day I want to share one of my outfits with you guys.


You all know how much I love the Indian attires but I equally the western outfits.

Something Indian and something are too simple. However a mixture of both is something that everyone should have.

We see a lot of Indowestern outfits and they look really amazing.

That’s why I have decided to share this outfit with you. 😊😊😊

Red and black is a beautiful combination. This outfit also have some stonework of black stones. It also have a collar like design from the top. It is a sleeveless, long outfit. I have used hanging earings with this because they look perfect on my face.

Hairstyle: A puff with a loose rose bun.

Well known brands for indowestern outfits are:

Manyavar, Masaba Gupta, Rahul Mishra, Manish Malhotra, Nicobar and Anju Modi.

I hope you like this post and the outfit.

Thank you so much for your precious time.

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Horizontal stripes.

Hello everyone.

Does horizontal lines make me look fat?

Does they make me look short?

These are question that we think all the time especially us the short and fat people.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It make us look a little short and fat than we truly are.

Then why are they still abundant in the market?

If no one wants to buy them then what’s the reason?

It is simple. The tall and thin people love the horizontal stripes. It’s best suited for their body type.

Also, some dresses are designed so well that even having horizontal lines on it doesn’t make you look shorter or more fat.

Then some other questions arise like:

Then why should we buy it?

Doea it mean we should clear all the stuff from our closets that has horizontal stripes?

Then the answer is no. It is because sometimes a few outfit with horizontal stripes too look gorgeous even on short and fat people.

The best reason why you should love horizontal stripes too is because they are best suited for the accessories like bags and heels.

I think these are looking amazing just because if horizontal stripes.

This is something I tried before doing this post on horizontal lines.

I think this was looking pretty good. It was because of the beauty of the product.

I hope you find this post somewhat interesting.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Have a nice day.

Be happy.


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Vertical stripes.

Hello everyone

As the series of the pattern is going on I would love to introduce this post ‘vertical stripes’.

How many of you love the animal zebra? Also, who thinks that zebra is beautiful because of it’s stripes.

Well, I am the one who thinks so. I think zebra is really amazing and the reason is the black and white stripes.

Talking about vertical lines these are considered best for short and plus size people. It is so because vertical lines gives an illusion of longer and thinner body type.

However, it’s not the only why I love vertical stripe pattern. It adds grace to everything. I personally love handbags with stripes.

It doesn’t matter whether those are vertical or horizontal.

You can find a lot of dresses and tops. I prefer some vibrant colors.😍

Have some pieces with stripes in your wardrobe.

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Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and style.



Check print and my 50th blog post.

Hello, everyone.

If you are following me from the start then you must be knowing that when I started I introduced a series.

A series of colors, an idea that was very welcomed by you but since then I haven’t been able to introduce anything like that.

However I have come up with different posts. So this time I decided to present another series for you guys.

Prints and patterns play an important role in ones life. First one is about patterns. We all have different items of different patterns in our closets.

Patterns look amazing on everything. As today’s post is about check patterns let’s talk about the check print only.

Take your time and imagine check pattern on different styling items.

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Handbags
  • Heels
  • Scarf
  • Tops

It gives you a very chic and casual look.

It looks gorgeous on everything mentioned above. Just mix and match and you got your look of tge day. Your own created ootd.

So guys I am going to introduce this series of patterns but I might drop it if I will observe that this idea doesn’t intrigues you.

So I ask you to give your love and support to this series of patterns.

This one is the edited part. I posted “check patterns” and got a notification of ny ny 50th blog post.

It made me smile and proud. I have made it quite far. Thank you so much for your support.

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3 trending handbags.

Hello, everyone.

How are you all?

I hope you are doing well.

Today let’s talk about trends. According to me trend is something that keeps popping up on screen while you look for things you are interested in. From nearly 10-15 days I have come across three such things.

So according to what I have observed these are the three most trending handbags nowadays.

So the first one is the belt bag. It’s quite trendy best fitted with dress and a casual type wear. Specially the one from Gucci.

Second one is the wooden bag type. It feels really amazing to see how creative people are. I couldn’t have thought anything like this ever in my life.

Third one is the transparent handbag. Specially from CHANEL. It’s quite beautiful.

But personally I wouldn’t buy these for these my daily life use. However I can buy them for photoshoot. I think these two looks better in pics than in real life.

These are still trendy becaise these are unique and everyone has a thing for sonething unique. We easily get attracted to the things which are different from the rest.

Thank you.



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Colorful necklaces

Hello everyone.

How are you guys?

I hope you are doing well.

This time I didn’t had anything to post so started to go through my own stuff. As it’s been long since I have posted anything about jewellery. I think these two colorful necklaces are something that you can try.

I did posts on color oriented things and that went really well. So, I thought why not present a few of my own items to you.

So this first one can be wore on any kind of outfit.

This second one is for ethnic wear.

I love both of these. These are really beautiful pieces that you can add to your wardrobe.

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Like and comment so that I would know that what do you think about these necklaces and my other posts.

Thank you.


I’ll be back soon another post.



5 must have sunglasses for this summer.

Hello everyone.

The best accessory that you can wear in summer is sunglasses. These are one of the neccesary items in summer.

These are the five sunglasses that will make these summers more fun and more classy. Complete any look with these sunglasses.😎

• Aviator

• Cat eye

• Metallic frame

• Heart shaped/cool

• Oval/round shaped

Try these sunglasses and get a hike in your style. These summers will be more fun with these cool sunglasses in your collection.

These sunglasses will make your fashion game up.

Chic, elgant, cool, and funky. Sunglasses can add up all kind of plus pointz to you look.

You will be much mire stylish if you will wear one of these.

Be sure you try atleast one of these.


I’ll be back with another post soon.

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#Fashion #wedding style

Wedding inspiration.

Hello everyone.

In these past days I attended a engagement ceremony and I want to share my look with you guys.

But before sharing the look I want to tell you guys that I got a haircut. I had quite long hairs before but as summers were arriving I decided to get a short haircut. Also, it is easy to manage short hairs.😎

So this is the dress that I wore that day. Green colored dress with long sleeves . It is an off-shoulder dress with embroidery work on the top of it. Green color is best suited color for this dress. It makes it look so radiant and really elegant. However there were other color options too but I decided to go for green. One more thing that I want to tell you is that it was the first and last dress I tried.

So here is the look.

I paired it up with those beautiful earings and light makeup which I did myself.😊

Tell what you think about this look in the comment section below.

Have a nice day.



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Hello everyone.

I am pleased to announce that I have decided to create accounts on pinterest and instagram.

So guys hurry up and follow me on pinterest and IG.

I am grateful for the love that you are giving to my blog I will feel really blessed if you guys will show the same love on instagram and pinterest too.

Both the accounts are about fashion and styling.

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#Fashion style

I am back…

I missed it so much. Blogging is like a drug once your are in it you get addicted and if you are lucky you find more and more amazing people and someday it might be the most important thing for you.

I did stopped writing blog posts but whenever I got time I make sure to go through some blogs. Also, if you will visit the comment section of the last post you will see I have frequently replied to the comments because I couldn’t wait for 1 month to reply to those comments.

I am not very good at it but believe me or not I am trying really hard to be better.

The exams are over and now I can post as frequently as I did before.

I would love to know if there is some pecific topic you want me to write about.

Do tell me in the comment section below. I’ll love to see that you guys are interested in what I am doing. Feel free to ask any topic. I’ll try my best to put it up for you.

It feels really great to be back.

Thank you guys for your love and support.

Have a good day.



So finally it’s 1000+ followers plus blog party.

Hello everyone.

I feel so happy today that my blog has recieved 1000+ followers.

I am really grateful for this support. So it’s party time(party toh banti h)

I am hosting a blog party. You all know me but not all of you know one another. So, feel free to share a link to your blog but before doing that write a few lines about your blog in the comment section.

The best thing about this is that you can find people from your niche really easily.

Also, I will also visit every link given in the comment section.

So guys hurry up and post a link and find people who are interested in your blog.

I have a news for you guys. I will not be able to post for a few days. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, my phone is not supporting me anymore. Another one is that my exams are starting and I think I need more time for studies. I hope you all understand.




What is boho?

Gm everyone.

How are you all doing?

All of you who read my posts know that I have already talked about boho style and I also really like it.

So I thought why not share a little bit more on boho style with you guys.

It is frequently asked question that what is boho Style?

So, Boho is basically short form of Bohemian style. It is a style inspired by hippies. All of you will agree that it is something that gives you a look of a free spirit.

Boho style is again in trend. Everybody is loving it. It gives you a very fresh look. I really love boho style and many among you might also think the same.

There are many online stores where you can find boho style.

• H&M

• She in

• Amazon

• Lulus

• Freepeople

• Three bird nest

• Gypsyoutfitters.

• Shopplanetblue

• Bohemianbrunch

You can find different items in boho style like dress, top, blazers, skirts,kurti, jewellery.

What do you think about boho style? Do you like boho? Which item is best for you in boho style.

What do you know about boho style?

If you want me to write post on any special topic then be sure to mention that in the comment section below.

I hope you like this post.