Helping someone to chose the best outfit.

Hey guys.

I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to share a recent beautiful incident of my life which gave a different meaning to my blogging. I am really proud that it could really help somebody.

So a few days ago I went for shopping with my sister where I found a girl who was looking for lehengas. While I was looking for a outfit for myself but I didn’t like any of them. Just then I saw a outfit which she was looking for herself. She didn’t like that but I tried that one for myself but after trying that on it wasn’t looking that good. So I didn’t bought that one.

Then I tried the second outfit and I loved it. I told you before I never have to waste too much time to select the outfit for me. It’s always like love at first sight.

Is there anyone else who feels the same??

I was done shopping from that shop but my sister was still selecting. That was the time I noticed that the girl was really confused in choosing her enegagement outfit. Obviously, she was. It is such special day for any girl. She was there with three other ladies which I guess , one was her mother and the other two were her aunts, I guess. All the three ladies had no clue what to say to her so that she will be less confused. So I thought that I should help her little bit.

I told that she was looking great in the pink lehanga and the green one. So she tried them again. Both were looking good but she was supposed to look amazing not just good or very good even. So I told her to go for a bright color and asked her to see something different. Then a bright dark pink color lehanga just managed to got my attraction. I told her that she should try that one and she did. That color made her skin glow even brighter. She was looking like a princess. With no doubt in mind she bought that one.

I am really happy to help.

Is there anyone who does this kind of thing frequently?

I guess answer will be yes.

Couples help ech other, parents help their kids, a friend helps another friend to select their outfit.

Am I right?

Share in the comment box below whom do you help in shopping?

Is there anyone who helps you??

Thank you.



Multiple bag trend.

Hey guys.

Hope you are doing well.

Another trend that has arrived at our doors. It seems that for many people one handbag is not enough. They need more like two or three.

It is especially in the case of office going look.

More than one bag attached as one is also something that you should try.

It happens with me sometimes that my bag is full and I want to add some sensitive stuff or something that I use very frequenty in that bag but it’s hard place it in there. At that it occurs to me that I should carry a mini bag with me.

Do you think the same sometimes?

As now I know that it is one of the hottest trends nowadays I will get myself a bag that is collection of two or three different bags which will look cool together as well as individually.

Also the multiple bag trend is not just about comfort it’s about style too. Two or three little bags are joined to create a single bag. It looks amazing and this is really comfy.

We can carry two totally different bags too. Just take care that it looks good and match any two handbags that you wanna carry. Mostly it is one large and one small bag but that’s totally on you to select and mix the sizes of the bags.

I love the concept of multiple bags because is it take cares of the concerns of people to place things properly in their bags.

What think about these different handbag style?

Do you think the comfy things should be the trending ones?

Do think what’s more important to you- looking good or being comfortable in what you wear?

Thank you so much.


The Ruffle style

Hey guys.

The trend that is making it’s way to the top is the ruffle style.

What is ruffle?

A piece that gathers into frills.

Both Indian and western outfit are upgrading with the help of ruffle design.

How to style it?

• Style ruffle top with a pencil skirt.

A sleeveless ruffle top looks really amazing with a pencil skirt. Just don’t forget to it in. Try blazer over it yo get one of the best office looks.

• Style ruffle top with denim

Wear ruffle tops over a denim skirt. It will inspire young fashion. Ruffle top can also be style with a denim jeans or shorts. Both of the looks will look effortlessly amazing.

• Try ruffle top with plazoo or pants.

It is a disturbed pattern. So it will match very well with pants and especially plazoo.

• Wear a ruffle dress with simple high heels.

Ruffle dresses are so trendy. It can be used to wear in your daily routine as well as for some special occasion. Put on some good makeup and you are absolutely ready to go.


• Accessories with the help of ruffle bags and shoes.

If you are keeping your outfit. Then add a little bit of this new style into your look by adding a few accessories in ruffle design.

• Indian in ruffle fashion.

Give your ethnic look a new twist by wearing an amazing ruffled Saree or a ruffled plazoo with a simple kurti.

Share your views on ruffle fashion.

Which item is your favourite in ruffle design?

Mine is a dress and ofcourse that lovely Saree.

What do you think about the cute ruffled bags?

Share your views. I would love to know what attracts you the most.

Thank you.


How to find your own style?

Hey guys.

Hope you are doing well.

There are a lot of people who can slay every outfit and here we are spending hours to get even a single perfect outfit.

Are they really so smart and we are so dumb?

What’s the difference?

How can some people find styling so easy and for the rest it’s so much difficult?

It is basically because they have got their own style.

When I say that they got their style I mean they know what looks good on them and what not and once you know it your confidence boost up. After that you will be able to experiment more with your looks.

The points you should follow to be better at styling and to find your personal style.

• FIRST STEP IS TO COPY: This is ironic. Right? I am giving you points on finding your own style and asking you to copy someone’s style. Believe me this is the first step that you need to take. This will give you an idea about what can look good on you without even trying a tone of clothes and wasting a lot of money.

• Who should you copy?

You might be wondering who are you supposed to copy. Try that you copy some who is like you in every aspect. His/her physical appearance and their nature. What we wear gives a statement about what kind of person we are. So be wise and copy someone who is similar to you.

• FOR DAILY USE GIVE PRIORITY TO COMFORT RATHER THAN DESIGN: So many people have that problem that they don’t have space in their wardrobe but still nothing to wear. That’s because while purchasing we focus on the design rather than comfort and then we aren’t able to wear them daily. Then it feels like we don’t have anything to wear.

• FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS WE CAN CHOOSE STYLE OVER COMFORT: On special occasions, for one day or few we can definitely comprise on comfort to look good. I don’t know about you guys but I definitely can.

• OBSERVE: Observe what looks good on you and what not. Have you own judgement about what is right and what is wrong for you. Observe others too. Observe the trends.

• TRY: The more you try the better you get at it. So try different things out. Try different accessories like earings, bracelets, rings, scrafs and much more.

And guys I have something to share;

A friend of mine have recently started blogging and I want you guys to support her in her new journey like you supported me.

Jyoti : Jyoti

Just go through her blog at least it’s a request.

Thank you so much.

You can follow me on Instagram.


A black dress.

Hey guys.

I hope that you guys are doing well.

“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.” – Christian Dior.

I totally agree. Don’t you?

Wearing black makes me more confident and obviously gorgeous.

“Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the whole world, made of all the colors in the palette.” – Ricardo Tisci.

This dress that I am wearing is actually from PARI COLLECTION. The dress is in its simplest form. The choker in the neck is it’s star piece. This choker is the extra is this ordinary looking dress. A simple black maxi skirt and really simple crop top.

The black color on this dress made it look really amazing.
Every women must own a few black dresses. Definitely a long one and a short one.

Is there anyone who doesn’t own a black dress?

You guys know that I love colours. The bright ones are my favourite. They are hardest to handle but black color have some kind of attraction in it. It’s a color that’s different from the rest.

What does black color mean to you?

Thank you so much.


The Cinderella shoes.

Hey guys…

Well everyone knows who Cinderella was.

Why was she so famous?

In this one I want your answers.

For me she was famous for her shoe.

I have always loved the Cinderella shoes.

So adding desires and imaginations to reality let’s go for Cinderella shoes this time.

I wanna have At least one pair of heels that is full shine, shimmer, and glitter.

How I will style Cinderella shoes?

I will select the simplest dress with a beautiful color. So that the focus is on the shoes. The Cinderella shoes absolutely deserves some special attention. Right?

The crystal Cinderella is worth dying for. Every young girl who have seen Cinderella shoes want those shoes for herself.

The Cinderella shoes are best for a bride. At her special moment the Cinderella shoes will make it more special foe her.

Cinderella is a beautiful fairy tale. That’s why Cinderella shoes best for fairy tale. theme party.

The shiny and shimmery heels really amazing if put well together with the outfit.

The glass heels are hard to wear but still we can go for something shiny. The glass heels look really amazing. Like they don’t have a competition.

Do you wish to have the Cinderella shoes in your closet?

Have you seen the fairy tale Cinderella?

Share your views on Cinderella.

Thank you so much.


Tulle skirt.

Hey guys..

I hope you guys are doing well.

I guess there is hardly someone who doesn’t know about tulle skirts.

I have been coming across a lot of tulle skirts nowadays. So I thought if someone hasn’t seen in this trend then they must know it.

The most common way to style a tulle skirt is a simple white Gucci or Vogue shirt and you can give it a style statement by using a simple thin belt.

Tulle tops look super duper cute like a princess. It looks amazingly awesome.

Tulle dress with sexy heels looks really amazing.

How to style tulle skirt?

• Style it with a denim jacket.

• Style it with a tank top.

• Style it with a simple tee (black or white mostly)

• Style it with shirt. (Plain)

• Style it in layer style.

Using ankle length boots with ankle lenght tulle skirt is something I love.

My favourite is the second one, like in the picture. Styling tulle skirt with a tank top.

Have you tried tulle skirt or top?

How do you style a tulle skirt?

What do you think about this style?

Thank you so much for reading my post.


Happy Raksha Bandhan !!

Hey guys…

I hope you guys are doing well.

All Indians know what Raksha Bandhan is.

For the rest:

Raksha Bandhan is a festival to celebrate the special bond that a brother and sister share.

It’s like saying thank you for being so awesome and making each others life more beautiful everyday.

Feelings of brother and sister are same when it comes to their views about each other. Which are like-

“We fight, we complaint about each other but we still the bond and concern remains the same. No matter how far we are, distance can never make us apart.”

How the celebrations go on?

All the siblings and cousins get together at this day. Then the sister tie a bracelet on the wrist of her brothers (including cousions) that is called RAKHI.

RAKHI was originally made up of threads but with time it has been replaced by gold and silver bracelets, but me and my family still use the Rakhi made up of threads.

Everyone eats sweets and then comes the gift giving moment. Basically the brother used to give gift to sister but with time now both brother and sister give each other gifts.

Then the whole day is fun day.😁

Raksha Bandhan: Brother is supposed to protect his sister but as today’s women doesn’t need that much protection, this festivals is a symbol of the cute bond of brother and sister.

So this day all the sisters and brothers flaunt your style with an amazing RAKHI on your wrist.

Let it be simple and elegant yet sassy.


Mention the name of your siblings or cousins with whom you will lobe to celebrate this Rakshabandhan.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.


Tiny sunglasses are back.

Hey guyss…

Hope you are doing well.

So guess what’s back in trend.

The tiny sunglasses or you can say the micro sunglasses.

Who’s behind all this?

I mean whom can we give credit for this trend.

First one is definitely priyanka chopra, Kayne, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner.

However this is not trendy in India yet. Mostly people in India do not find these sunglasses attractive except the fashion bloggers.

I have seen on Instagram that most of the fashion bloggers have given these tiny glasses a right opportunity and it worked out very well for them.

Tiny sunglasses are available in different shapes like cat eye, circular, oval, rectangular and square.

Which one do you prefer??

These are available in a variety of colours like yellow, red, pink, blue, silver, transparent and black.

So guys this season give a try to these micro sunglasses a chance to take your fashion game up.

This trend will be around us At least for a few years. It might survive even after that.

Share your views about the tiny/micro sunglasses.

Will you give them a try or not?

Thank you.

I’ll be back with another post soon.


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