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Indo western outfit ideas.

Hey guys.
A draped side slit skirt with a beautiful zig-zag pattern in yellow and white. I have styled this really amazing side slit skirt with a basic shirt. I folded the sleeve to half its length. To make this look different I added these beautiful earings. Dropped the collar of the shirt a few inches. As for the hairstyle I chose to go for a high bun. Last but not the least added the heels.

Draped skirt outfit

Outfit ideas for draped side slit skirt. A shirt is A very versatile wardrobe item which can be styled with almost everything.

Share your views in the comment box below.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan !!

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I hope you guys are doing well.

All Indians know what Raksha Bandhan is.

For the rest:

Raksha Bandhan is a festival to celebrate the special bond that a brother and sister share.

It’s like saying thank you for being so awesome and making each others life more beautiful everyday.

Feelings of brother and sister are same when it comes to their views about each other. Which are like-

“We fight, we complaint about each other but we still the bond and concern remains the same. No matter how far we are, distance can never make us apart.”

How the celebrations go on?

All the siblings and cousins get together at this day. Then the sister tie a bracelet on the wrist of her brothers (including cousions) that is called RAKHI.

RAKHI was originally made up of threads but with time it has been replaced by gold and silver bracelets, but me and my family still use the Rakhi made up of threads.

Everyone eats sweets and then comes the gift giving moment. Basically the brother used to give gift to sister but with time now both brother and sister give each other gifts.

Then the whole day is fun day.😁

Raksha Bandhan: Brother is supposed to protect his sister but as today’s women doesn’t need that much protection, this festivals is a symbol of the cute bond of brother and sister.

So this day all the sisters and brothers flaunt your style with an amazing RAKHI on your wrist.

Let it be simple and elegant yet sassy.


Mention the name of your siblings or cousins with whom you will lobe to celebrate this Rakshabandhan.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.


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Haryanvi outfit.

Hey guys..

Do you remember my post ‘about me‘?

I told you that I am from Haryana. I wanted to tell you guys about Indian outfits and the related things but as you know Indian is so diverse in every aspect,it is really hard to do a post on Indian outfit.

So,I decided to do a post on a part of that – Haryana.

Nowadays people wear every kind of outfits but it was not so a few decades before. The outfit that representes Haryana is the one that constituted of three pieces.

• Kurta/shirt

• Chunri or you can say duppatta.

• Daman

In this picture the skirt is light one but it is usually more heavy.

So let’s start by telling you guys what a daman is.

It is skirt of ankle length. This is designed really differently than other skirts. It weighs in kilos. It is basically available in red and black color.

This skirt/daman got lost with time because it is too heavy and uncomfortable to carry, but even today it can be seen in nearly every house as a memory of something beautiful. It can be easily seen during the weddings st some point.

This haryanvi outfit is incomplete without the metallic jewellery like this one in the picture.

It is the basis of a very famous trend of bollywood. I am not sure but I believe it because I have seen my grandmother wearing that. A shirt with a skirt. Now, from a year or so this trend has gone viral. So it will not be wrong to say that it have taken inspiration from haryanvi outfit.

Share in the comment section what you think about this haryanvi outfit.

Do you also think that the bollywood trend of a shirt and skirt is inspired by the haryanvi outfit?

Do you think that daman is kinda cool?

Thank you so much for your precious time.


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Something that’s called Anorak.

Hey guys.

Starting from telling the truth a month ago I didn’t knew that there is something like this anorak. So, I thought that I should share it with you guys.

I really wanna know how many of you are the ones who didn’t knew about anorak before this post.

So, what exactly is this anorak?

It is basically a waterproof jacket,basically with a hood of a kind used in polar regions.

So the conclusion is that it is just a jacket but it just got lucky and now it’s not not just a jacket it’s the trendiest jacket. Now forget about those biker jackets and those military jackets. It is the new trend.

It is complete in itself. Models and fashionistas are wearing it like a dress.

It can be paired up with a jean and a top just like a usual jacket or it can be paired up with a simple dress.

Wear it with a lace top and skirt for a dinner or date.

Who will dare to wear this anorak??

We don’t usually have time to search for the trends going on. Sometimes we don’t realise that something is in trend. That’s why I have decided to introduce some trends for you guys. So, whenever I’ll find out a new trend I’ll definitely do a post on it. So that you guys will get an update on the trends.

The first thing that came to my mind after knowing about anoraks is that; are they like raincoats?

I know that’s a little silly but still.

And they are actually so.

So asking again who knew about anoraks and who didn’t?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

If you remember a post of mine wedding inspiration. I have published that on a site with an update. Plz check out the updated version.

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Thank you.


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Fringe:the style that is trending.

Hey guys..

I hope you are doing well.

Last post was on denim. If you haven’t checked it out then do it fast.

So for those who doesn’t know what Fringe style is; I will reccomend you to observe the pictures and guess what it is.😂

For me it’s a free soul dressing. It gives me vibes of being free. However the trend has been taken to party level by adding shine and shimmer to it, which is really great.

So guys it’s back again. The trend that was visible in old time Bollywood.

It is available in everything from accessories to all type of clothing like sandals,bags ,tees,skirts,dresses,shorts,scrafs,earings,bracelet and what not.

It is on Italy runways. So by that you can have an idea how this trend is flourishing.

About styling it. It should be taken one at a time. If you add more take it max to two. After that it becomes tacky.

Kimono is also one of these. It can styled on any casual outfit.

For a casual look if you don’t wanna put effort then try a dress with fringes. It will be perfect choice for the day. As a lazy girls I think it is the best option.

The trends are coming bach from the time of our grandparents. In a crispy form. I think that is really awesome.

If you agree…..

Leave a comment.

Thank you so much.


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We all talk about fashion and clothing. When we go for shopping we know what we are going to buy. I also take care of what fabric I should buy. It is because I also take care of comfort with style.

I always prefer soft fabric . My summer favourite fabric is cotton because it is most soothing.

For saree I prefer chiffon. It gives a glorious look. It also make you look slim.

For prom dress I prefer silk. It gives the dress a royal look. You will look like a princess in a silk gown.

And almost all winter clothes are made of wool and leather. Everyone loves leather shoes and jacket.

Everyone should give equal preference to comfort and styling and that’s where the role of fabric comes in play.

A good fabric can enhance your look and poor fabric can destroy your look.