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Jumpsuits: the new comfy style.

Hey guys.

Hope all of you are doing well.

What basically jumpsuits are??

It is a one piece garment that is the combination of pants and top into one.

Casual jumpsuits are also called onesie.

Show off your bubbly,funny and childlike side with some funky and uniquely attractive jumpsuits.

For a boss lady look you can pair your jumpsuits with jackets.

You can ever take your jumpsuits to a party level by choosing some elegant peices by adding some good accessories with it.

Let your jumpsuits be your style statement these summer. Define who you are with your dressing style.

In summers try a jumpsuit made of cotton, really comfy and cute one.

You can even try florals. It’s all about florals nowadays.

You can get a monochrome look too, if you want.

Who likes jumpsuits???

I am expecting a lot of “meeee”, but still asking🙄

What you think your style will be with jumpsuits???

Most important:

How do you style jumpsuits in your everyday life?

Thank you so much for your precious time.


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Vertical stripes.

Hello everyone

As the series of the pattern is going on I would love to introduce this post ‘vertical stripes’.

How many of you love the animal zebra? Also, who thinks that zebra is beautiful because of it’s stripes.

Well, I am the one who thinks so. I think zebra is really amazing and the reason is the black and white stripes.

Talking about vertical lines these are considered best for short and plus size people. It is so because vertical lines gives an illusion of longer and thinner body type.

However, it’s not the only why I love vertical stripe pattern. It adds grace to everything. I personally love handbags with stripes.

It doesn’t matter whether those are vertical or horizontal.

You can find a lot of dresses and tops. I prefer some vibrant colors.😍

Have some pieces with stripes in your wardrobe.

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Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and style.