GM bloggers….

Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a really hectic day for me yesterday.

Pink , a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness.

When I think about pink color I start thinking about all the sweet things around me. Pink is such a lovely and girlish color. However, there are some girls who are not so fond of pink.

This is a lovely dress from kalki fashion. So many tellywood stars are a big time fan of kalki fashion.

Such a unique dress it is . Outfit that you can surly try if you are attending a Indian wedding.

This is a foldover nardot peplum top and skirt .

Another is this beautiful top from SHEIN. It is a flower lace trim dot blouse.

Now, coming to footware the best I found is these heels-cum-boots. Actually known as peep toe stiletto ankle boots.

For accesories one wlegant and one funky necklace is here.

The last but not the least is this cute clutch.

Bye bye

I’ll be back with another post soon.



Fact about fashion

We all look for inspiration from others but we do not realise that our true inspiration is within ourselves.

You can get tips from other but only you can design your own style according to your comfort and taste.

I am a true believer of the fact that nobody can teach you how to style yourself better than you. All you need to is observe and experiment. That’s the only thing that can make your style unique and perfect.

A little bit of time is what you need to enhance your style. The way you dress defines you. So it is really important to take care of your styling.

So keep observing, keep learning and keep improving because nobody is perfect. Each effort made by you will take you one step closer to perfection….




White color is associated with purity, light, innocence, and perfection.

White color is so amazing and looks good on everyone. White color dresses are such a wardrobe essential. Every lady I know have atleast one white dress.

White color gives you a angel like look. Brides in white looks so amazing….😍😍😍😍

Casual tops too look adorable in white color. This embroidered trumpet sleeve collared boat neck blouse is so amazing..

Flower print dip hem longline trapeze top is really beautiful and the one that you’ll definetly want to try.

A simple sweet top( grid peplum ) is a perfect choice for a for no effort look.

These necklace are totally different from the normal ones. Both are really special in their own way.

I really love how beautifully these heels are designed. All are almost same yet too amazing.

Have a look at these amazing handbags…


12 best boots for women.

Yesterday, someone asked me to suggest some thigh high boots for his girlfriend. So I thought why not do a post an boots.

Boots give a style statement. That’s why you will find it in every girl’s collection. Boots are such an essential item for those who take care of fashion trends.

I perfer ankle boots rather than the thigh high one. Today, I am presenting you some boots that I found classy.

Flower pattern over knee block heeled boots.

Black sexy criss cross lace up suede thigh high boots.

Mixed pattern size zipper over knee boots.

Gingham print pointed toe lace up boots.

Stiletto thigh high boots.

Raw trim calico embroidery denim boots.

Calico embroidered block heeled boots.

Round toe flat suede ankle boots.

And a few more ankle boots ……

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Typical yellow

Yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy.

Yellow is a radiant color. A typical yellow color can be one of your favourites if you see these beautiful dresses.

The first one is a lehanga wore by sargun mehta and I am totally in love with it.😍😍😍It gives such a classy look.

Who says dresses in yellow can’t be classy? Dresses in yellow can be as superb as any other color would be. Have a look and see for yourself.

This one is self tie grid peplum dress.

This is a laser cut out scalloped hem dress.

A cute off-shoulder top H&M proves that yellow can be as sassy as any other color.

Let’s talk about accessories. Today I have such beautiful accessories to present.

A necklace that you can wear on any simple dress to make it look even more wonderful.

This handbag and the clutch will definetly make your day.

And in the end a pair of heels as usual.

Bye bye

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#Fashion fabric


We all talk about fashion and clothing. When we go for shopping we know what we are going to buy. I also take care of what fabric I should buy. It is because I also take care of comfort with style.

I always prefer soft fabric . My summer favourite fabric is cotton because it is most soothing.

For saree I prefer chiffon. It gives a glorious look. It also make you look slim.

For prom dress I prefer silk. It gives the dress a royal look. You will look like a princess in a silk gown.

And almost all winter clothes are made of wool and leather. Everyone loves leather shoes and jacket.

Everyone should give equal preference to comfort and styling and that’s where the role of fabric comes in play.

A good fabric can enhance your look and poor fabric can destroy your look.



My favourite black.

When we talk about dressing black is the color that looks best on everybody. Anything in black is a masterpeice itself. It doesn’t need any accessory to be best. Black color is always in trend.

The first outfit is a bardot neckline top with drawstring pants. Perfect outfit for morning walk.

Another one is a casual yet sassy outfit. It is a letter print ribbed crop tee and skirt.

This one is a turtle neck pearl detail ribbed pencil dress. A classy outfit for dinner , party and movie.

Here are a few items from everyone’s favourite H&M.

Also two handbags are here one is simple large bag and other is a stone studded purse. Taken from fashion trends.

As always I have come up with a pair of heels. Hope u like it.

Bye bye..

Take care…

I’ll be back again with another post.


Bright red

Red , the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination.

Red color is well suited for every occasion. A red color outfit automatically give you a ravishing look. Here are a few red outfits.

This scallop edge bardot neckline fit and flare dress is from Shein. Perfect for date and party.

This is a bell sleeve lace up top with shorts. It is a perfect casual dress which you can easily get for a little money.

It’s a lovely box pleated skirt with a laced crop top.

A indo western outfit perfect for wedding reception.

This is simple red dress with a light work duppatta. A sweet simple outfit .

Here is this beautiful fringe detail fan shaped stud earing.

And the last but not the least are these beautiful heels.

☺☺☺Have a lovely day …


Green: inspired by nature.

We all love nature. Nature inspires us to be more creative. The same is with styling, when the beauty of nature is added to styling it looks even more glorious.

Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

So here is this amazing dress by shyamal bhumika.

Another one is this sweet simple lehanga.

A dress from H&M. Simple yet elegant. It will definitely enhance your style.

A bohemian style dress is something I really love to wear.

Two tops that you can definitely add to wardrobe.

Two pair of heels one inspired by nature and the other is the glitter style.

That’s all for today.


Thank you

Hello Bloggers.

I am grateful for the love and support that you gave me. When I started the blog I never imagined to have even 10 followers . I thought I am never gonna make it, but I still gave it a try. I tried to express myself with the little I knew. It’s only because of you that I am really happy that I started this blog. I hope you will find something intersting in my posts. I will try to be better everyday.

For today I am presenting this outfit. This beautiful floral pink and blue dress. This dress is stitched by my mother. We brought the dress material from a nearby store and she created this beautiful dress.

I paired this dress with wedges that u obviously you can’t see πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ also with this cute choker and small blue earings.

Hope u like it.

I am really blessed to have your support.

Thank you.


Blue Best

GM bloggers..

I am really thankful for the love and support that you are giving me. All the photos until now are taken from either a app or the browser. None of them are mine, but as I am getting close to 100 followers I have decided to share my own pic for the next post.

So for this one I have come up with some angelic items that you can surely include in your wardrobe.

The first one is a bewitching anarkali suit, lovely blue color semi stiched outfit from Amazon.

The second outfit is perfect for a prom. I just love the work on it. I hope you will find it as much intersting as I do. This is taken from

The Bohemian style dress is perfect for a sweet simple look.

This is beautiful gathered sleeves pearl beaded wrap top. Such a grand outfit .

Stunning handbags that you can definitely give a try.

So many of people are appreciating shoes that’s why I have come up with a few more. All from limeroad as you can see.

No outfit is complete without accessories. So here are a these few.

Bye bye …


Outfit dedicated to Holi…

Happy Holi bloggers….

As today is Holi(the festival of colors) , I am going to dedicated most of this month to colors. From now onwards until the end of this month all my posts will be color oriented. One color for each day. It sounds cool right!! Different colors everyday. Life will be so colorful.

As, today is holi so today’s outfit will be multicolored.

A colorful maxi dress with sky blue heels is all you need for a perfect outdoor outfit. Whether you are going for lunch or shopping.

A colorful jacket will make your day radiant. A bright smile is a perfect match for this beautifull jacket.

A colorful body hugging dress with so beautifull colors is so amazing especially with black heels is worth giving try.

Look at this beautiful outfit wore by Dhrasti. So damn sexy. Full sleeves, ground kissing, collar design.

The perfect outfit for a bridesmaid. A perfect attire for wedding.

Look at these colorful heels. I can give it a try, for sure.

Hope u like it.

Once again happy holi


Four outfit ideas for this holi..

For those who prefer to wear indian outfits…

Mostly people prefer to wear authentic indian outfits on this auspicious day of holi. I am also one of them. On festivals like these I prefer to wear Indian outfits because these are only festivals and weddings when you get to wear traditional outfits.

As we are all inspired by bollywood. Holi outfits are of white color. If you don’t want to wear white then that’s your choice you can opt. for something else, but I prefer a white outfit.

The outfit should not have too much embroidery or stone work. A decent outfit is well suited for this occasion of holi.

For those who prefer to wear western outfits..

The teenagers wants to celebrate with their friends and then they like to wear western. Ofcourse who wants to be called bahenji.

Mostly girls in the group wants to wear shorts. Some also prefer dresses. So I have come up with these two outfits.

You should avoid wearing pencil heels on this day you can see none of these outfits have pencil heels.

I hope you like it.




Perfect date outfit…

Everyone tries to look their best on their date.But it is so difficult to come to the result. What we need is someone to suggest us what to wear, and that someone is our friend or sister mostly because they know us and our style very well. They know what we like and looks good on us.

It also depends what type of clothes we prefer to wear and we are comfortable in. Accordingly, we should dress. Mostly girls like to wear dresses.

That’s why today’s outfit is a dress that you can wear on your date. I have come up with these….

The most important thing while dressing is it shouldn’t be too sober that it will look dull and not too much efforts, that might make it look tacky. You should balance your outfit.

Some people try to pair things up like… suppose they are wearing a red dress then pairing them with red heels, red earings,red necklace, red bangles and a red lipstick. That seems to be funny to me…

I will suggest you to avoid such thing and try sth unique.


My wishlist for holi

GM bloggers…

As Holi is arriving soon I have prepared my wishlist for holi. Holi is the festival of colors and what I like about holi is colors and rangoli. The thing that I hate the most on Holi is ballons because they hurt too much…..

First thing in my wishlist is a really beautifull outfit. I found this outfit on fashion trends app. If you are looking for some awesome outfits then you should check that out.Black is my favourite color and nothing is better then a sexy black dress. I believe everyone should have a few black dresses. They look lovely.

These two beautiful necklaces are my favorite especially the orange one. Since I saw Rubina Dailak wearing this I am in love with this orange necklace. From that day I wanted to have that same necklace.

When we are talking about everything else how can we forget heels….

Of course, when you have a sexy dress then you must have heels too. These are the two that I really liked. These are perfectly matched with a lot of my outfits and that’s why I loved them.

Another dress that I would like to buy is this white rayon belted dress. This one is just because it was cheap and thought why to let this chance go away. It’s a simple , sweet dress.

A perfume is what we all need and as I was running out perfumes so I chose 2 bottles of perfumes for this .

I am sure perfumes will be added in your wishlist too.

Last but not the least is this stylish green and blue bag.

This is something you all want in your collection .

This is my wishlist what about your’s…


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