Knot your tee.

Hey guys.

Today I am introducing two outfits with a basic idea of “Knot your tee”.

A simple change in the way you wear your tee can make your outfit much more stylish. Rather than having to wear a very normal outfit try to wear it a little different.

For the first outfit I have paired a black jegging with a white and grey top. I tied a knot to this simple top and you can how different it looks from the normal way. I have added a pair of black boots. To complete the look I have added a choker this. Lastly add a watch if you want.

For the second outfit I took a blue plazoo with a white pattern and a simple top and tied a knot to it.

As the whole outfit is mismatched, I added a grey sling bag and white sneakers. Color like grey, white and black can be added when you are matching and mixing different prints and patterns.

Share what you think.

What are guys doing nowadays?

By ankitaa01

fashion: live in style

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