How to style from the very basic wardrobe items?

Hey guys.

It’s been so long since I have posted something.

This time I have created really outfit from the very basic wardrobe items.

To create this look all you need is a long top and take the same color pants to pair with it.

I have taken a dark pink color knitted top and almost same coloured plazoo.

You can replace the plazoo with wide leg pants, joggers etc.

Add the accessories to make the look amazing.

I have added a beautiful pair of eating to it.

A black watch, that is a must add to this outfit.

Black high heels to give the outfit more sharp look.

I have added a few golden color rings just for fun.

Lastly, I completed the look with the help of a black sling bag.

You can create many such outfit with different colors.

Share what you think of think of this outfit in the comment section below.

Also, be safe from the corona virus. Take the necessary precautions.

Thank you.❤

By ankitaa01

fashion: live in style

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