7 ideas for Diwali outfit.

Happy Diwali everyone.

Festivals are a beautiful excuse of getting together to celebrate and have fun.

First thing that comes to mind is selecting a perfect outfit for this special occasion.

So I chose to go for proper ethnic look which includes the theme of being a little desi.

Those who were not with us last year can see this Diwali post from last year.

Diwali post

Diwali is all about lightning up your house and hearts.

Also, about cleaning too.πŸ˜‘

Adding jewellery like jhumkas and beautiful rings can turn a simple outfit into a sassy one.

Another outfits that you can wear on Diwali are.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Outfit 6

Once again happy Diwali to everyone.

I hope you have an amazing day.

6 thoughts on “7 ideas for Diwali outfit.

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