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Kundan jewellery.

Hey guys.

How are you all doing?

I have been doing posts on outfits a lot lately. This time I thought that the post should be little different.

Jewellery is one of the most essential part in Indian styling. Kundan jewellery has recently made its way into the most worn jewellery in India. Every celebrity wedding has been full of styling with kundan jewellery.

Also I shared this post in which I wore a purple color lehanga. I styled that lehanga with kundan jewellery.

Heavy earings with mangtika.

(For those who don’t know mangtika is a jewellery piece worn on the forehead. It is like a hairpin with a ornament hanging on one side.)

Nowadays it’s importance has increased as so many Indian fashion bloggers are trying to do something different with traditional Indian jewellery.

So many of them are now pairing traditional jewellery with western outfits. It looks amazing.

The rings looks really royal too.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Share your views on any traditional jewellery.

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23 replies on “Kundan jewellery.”

Interesting approach. I like making jewelry. I wish I had a workshop adequate to make all the things I wanted to make. Would also be good to know good designers.
Jewelry and a study of history goes well together.

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I can. I like making rings. Silversmithing mostly. I like designs that are mythical in basis.
I don’t really have access to a good workshop currently. I was trying to create space last year and it kept getting more and more difficult. It was like the universe was telling me to slow down or wait.
What types of jewelry do you like or what kind of jewelry do you mostly like to wear?

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This new one hasn’t gotten started yet. I stopped doing the Coyote from Orion one because I ended up with nothing to blog about. It became something I did for my own ego and I felt I was using it in the wrong way so it was time to move on.
I have studied astrology for a long time amongst other things. I write a variety of things.
I think the new blog will probably involve gaming.

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Thanks for asking. It’s really nice to be asked and to hear myself think it back. Communication and written communication especially is a big part of my life 😊

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