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Polka dots and how to style them.

Hey guys.

How are you doing?

This time I am gonna share two outfits in polka dots. Polka dots are now in rise in the trending prints and patterns. Polka dots can be worn by people of any age group. Do you agree, or not?

Polka dots are really cute, stylish and elegant. Polka dots are really trendy in dresses. Short ones or the long ones both looks amazingly beautiful in polka dots. Skirt in polka dots is trendy too.

Polka dots play an important role in vintage looks too.

These are the dresses that I have in polka dots. Those who follow me on Instagram must have seen these pics.

The polka dots in dresses is the oldest but still the latest trend.

I mentioned these polka dots in my post Different print and patterns.. Check that out if you haven’t.

How to style polka dots?

• One is of the biggest perks of polka dots is that these can be easily matched with other patterns.

• Polka dots in scarfs can make your look even better.

• Polka dots can work very well for an outfit for office, if you choose a top with polka dots and style that with a plain bottom.

• You can also style polka dots to get a perfect vintage look.

Share your views on polka dots. I would love to know what you think about it.

Thank you.



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48 replies on “Polka dots and how to style them.”

The Polka Dots style is awesome. I have been experiencing on paper and I think a combination of brown for the base colour with green dots, or green with yellow or orange dots would be my style. I do like the dress you are wearing, it is stunning 🙂

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I like polka dots! Especially the bigger ones! It’s great pattern on dresses but also for a nice office look, on a shirt with some stylish bottom, or even a scarf as you said. I like them especially in navy blue and white combo, or even red.

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I like polka dots in small and medium. Large polka dots is not my type. It’s great that you love them. Any special reason for that?
Yeah, a scarf having polka dots looks cute.
I like them in navy blue too.😍🤗

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I don’t really own any polka dotted items because I’m always a little too hesitant to match it with anything. But after reading your post I’m gonna try to see what I can come up with! I do think that small polka dots are much easier to put an outfit together than larger dots !! Thanks for sharing!

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