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Styling from my sister’s wardrobe.

Hey guys.

How are you??

Most of us who have siblings knows that siblings sometimes can be really irritating but there are some perks of having siblings or even cousins if you are close enough.

The rule is that : sharing is caring.

One of the best things of having siblings is to share clothes. Me and my sister share our clothes quite often.

So this time I took a top from her wardrobe to get simple and cute everyday look.

This is the top I gifted her on her recent birthday. This plump top is in check print with fine lines and sheer sleeves with little cute flowers on it and broad sleeves at the end. I paired it up up with white denim jeans and black block heels. White jeans helps the top to get highlighted. The top looks more graceful with the white denim jeans. These heels are really simple but I love them a lot. I can wear them anytime anywhere.

As I told you before I don’t do much makeup. Definitely not for a everyday look. I like to keep it simple and classy.

Do you have a sibling?

What’s the best part of having a sibling for you?

Do you share things or outfits with your siblings?

Share your views in the comment section below.

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Thank you.


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34 replies on “Styling from my sister’s wardrobe.”

Hey girl!! Well, I never had any brothers and sisters—I am an “only” child, so I always had plenty of clothes. I did lose 100 pounds after I had two open-heart surgeries, so I went from 291 down to my current 185 weight. I got rid of all my “big” clothes, mostly to Goodwill, and had to get clothes that fit a “normal” sized person. It’s been a lot of fun, really, to be able to shop where everyone else does. Probably not on-topic, but it’s my story over the last ten years or so….Namiste’….Don

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I am so glad that you shared your story.
You did a great job by giving those clothes to goodwill.
I understand it must be great pleasure to feel normal and healthy and also to shop with everyone else.

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The nicest thing is to hear someone expressing love for a sibling like this. My brother was killed when we were younger and we were very close. Hearing someone expressing love for a brother or sister the way you have makes me smile and realize how lucky I am. So many siblings don’t get on and it is more tragic. Thank you so much for reminding me of being human. Namaste

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That must be a very tragic accident but life goes on and we should move on too.
Now I can’t imagine a life without them.
We fight…. That too a lot but we still share that strong bond and concerns for one another.

Thank you for sharing your story.


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I appreciate your words out views on it all. Thanks again for sharing and reminding me of something that was so positive in my growing up and for which I am always grateful. Hearing good people who should never understand living and enjoying it is so important to me all this years on and gives me strength in my work. Blessings to all your family.

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Even I was like your sister a few years ago but now things have definitely changed.😊😊
Now I give my sister my clothes even if bought them just a few minutes ago.
Yeah, I think she should read it too.


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