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Helping someone to chose the best outfit.

Hey guys.

I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to share a recent beautiful incident of my life which gave a different meaning to my blogging. I am really proud that it could really help somebody.

So a few days ago I went for shopping with my sister where I found a girl who was looking for lehengas. While I was looking for a outfit for myself but I didn’t like any of them. Just then I saw a outfit which she was looking for herself. She didn’t like that but I tried that one for myself but after trying that on it wasn’t looking that good. So I didn’t bought that one.

Then I tried the second outfit and I loved it. I told you before I never have to waste too much time to select the outfit for me. It’s always like love at first sight.

Is there anyone else who feels the same??

I was done shopping from that shop but my sister was still selecting. That was the time I noticed that the girl was really confused in choosing her enegagement outfit. Obviously, she was. It is such special day for any girl. She was there with three other ladies which I guess , one was her mother and the other two were her aunts, I guess. All the three ladies had no clue what to say to her so that she will be less confused. So I thought that I should help her little bit.

I told that she was looking great in the pink lehanga and the green one. So she tried them again. Both were looking good but she was supposed to look amazing not just good or very good even. So I told her to go for a bright color and asked her to see something different. Then a bright dark pink color lehanga just managed to got my attraction. I told her that she should try that one and she did. That color made her skin glow even brighter. She was looking like a princess. With no doubt in mind she bought that one.

I am really happy to help.

Is there anyone who does this kind of thing frequently?

I guess answer will be yes.

Couples help ech other, parents help their kids, a friend helps another friend to select their outfit.

Am I right?

Share in the comment box below whom do you help in shopping?

Is there anyone who helps you??

Thank you.


By ankitaa01

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14 replies on “Helping someone to chose the best outfit.”

I always go with my wife to help her with clothes shopping. She has her own likes and style choices, but she likes to please me as well, and always asks me if I like a particular outfit. Sometimes, I must admit, I feel strange going in the Women’s department, even with her, but I know she enjoys my input. She, too, goes for bright colors, and always looks nice wherever we are…..

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That is really cute. πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
Everyone has their own style and choices but we all like the support of the people we care about. You and your wife share a really beautiful bond. Your wife is really lucky that you even go to the women’s department for her.😊
I guess she helps you too, in your shopping?

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It was very kind of you to help her:)
I personally like to choose my own outfit and I would not mind if someone help me or tell me how the outfit looks on me:)

In Europe, usually we tend to ourselves and if we talk to much other people think we muddle in their business.

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