Buy for a cause

Hey guys…

I hope you guys are doing well.

This post is basically a post on a little intro about the the wounded warrior project that preplifeusa is supporting.

This is basically a project to help American soldiers.

I have chosen to be their brand representative. This is my first proper promotional post and I wanted it to be special. I think no other offer could have been better. So I said – yes.

We buy a whole lot of things daily and half of them are unnecessary but we spend a lot of money on that then why not for this time use that money for a purpose, to be a part of something greater.

Take it as a donation.

The wounded warrior project is the support of wounded veterans, the families, and caregivers.

You can directly donate to the wounded warrior project but that will be little complicated. That’s why I am suggesting you to give your support through preplifeusa.

We can’t thank enough the soldiers who sacrifices their own lives to save the rest of us. I think this is the least that we can do for them.

So I am really proud and happy to introduce these unisex t-shirts.

Use my code AK18 to get 25% discount.

PS: A and K are both in capital letters.

Prep Life USA Merchandise

As whoever is going to buy these unisex t-shirts shouldn’t feel he is in loss or something this code takes care is that.

I really appreciate the efforts of preplifeusa.

At least all the Americans should take part in this noble cause.

Also, if you think my blog deserves even a little appreciation then please support this project for soldiers.

So be a part of this project. Every shirt that you adds to donation that will be given to the wounded warrior project by preplifeusa.

So if you bought the t-shirt then comment below because you deserve a special thanks and appreciation.

Make your contribution to the soldiers of your country.

Thank you so much for taking part in this noble cause.

Share it as much as possible.

Help the soldiers.


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