Fringe:the style that is trending.

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Last post was on denim. If you haven’t checked it out then do it fast.

So for those who doesn’t know what Fringe style is; I will reccomend you to observe the pictures and guess what it is.πŸ˜‚

For me it’s a free soul dressing. It gives me vibes of being free. However the trend has been taken to party level by adding shine and shimmer to it, which is really great.

So guys it’s back again. The trend that was visible in old time Bollywood.

It is available in everything from accessories to all type of clothing like sandals,bags ,tees,skirts,dresses,shorts,scrafs,earings,bracelet and what not.

It is on Italy runways. So by that you can have an idea how this trend is flourishing.

About styling it. It should be taken one at a time. If you add more take it max to two. After that it becomes tacky.

Kimono is also one of these. It can styled on any casual outfit.

For a casual look if you don’t wanna put effort then try a dress with fringes. It will be perfect choice for the day. As a lazy girls I think it is the best option.

The trends are coming bach from the time of our grandparents. In a crispy form. I think that is really awesome.

If you agree…..

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16 thoughts on “Fringe:the style that is trending.

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  1. Hey guys….
    I know it’s late than usual but it’s because I lost the data I saved to publish so I have to re-write it. It’s not that good as the last one,but I will update this one soon enough. Till then plz show you love.

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  2. I love fringe i just don’t know how to wash it! I have one shirt with fringe and I wore it once then got all matted up as if I need to brush it with a hair brush to make it wearable again.

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