A day in my life and Call for questions.

Hey everyone

Hope you guys are doing well.

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. It’s because we had a party yesterday and you know how that party happen. I literally didn’t get any time to do post or to think of something interesting.

What I am wearing?

It is actually not just the outfit it’s a memory of my blogging journey. This beautiful multiclored top reminds me of the amazing start of my blog. It is really the most simple outfit you can put together for a dinner or family gathering. That’s what it actually was – a family gathering actually.

This top is from United States of Benetton.

I paired it up with a light coloured denim jeans and red coloured wedges.

Hairstyle: A loose messy bun. That’s my thing for bad hair day. For most of is it’s the same, I guess. Right?

Makeup: Nothing more than a eyeliner and a lip gloss.

It was a great evening. We enjoyed a lot. I think such gatherings are really good to have good bondings.

So now, let’s move on to the next part which is: You guys are going to ask me questions and I am going to answer those. As we are talking about it I love the new feature Instagram have introduced ” Ask me a question.” It’s so cool!!😃😎

So guys just throw your questions.

I am doing this now because I am planning on doing a post like ” facts about me.” So if you guys are going to ask me questions then it will be much more interesting.

So guys ask me any question. Do not hesitate. I’ll try to answer them all.

If the questions asked are not enough or maybe no one ask the questions then I’ll have to do the post like “facts about me or get to know me and that’s really boring.”

And don’t forget to follow me on;

Instagram: sangwan_ankita_

Pinterest: Ankita Sangwan

Thank you so much for your precious time.



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