Check out this outfit from SHEIN!

Check out this outfit from SHEIN!

Hey guys I think there is something wrong with the link. So I have taken a screenshot. Have a look

I have created this outfit recently. Not so good because this is my first try.

Dressing in real and styling virtually are really two different things.

So, check out this outfit.

If there is anyone who is experienced in making great outfits. Give me your precious views.

My idea of styling is to pair up the things that I like the most. Keep it simple and don’t ever overdo it.

But I want to do this anyway because it makes it easier for you to decide what you want to wear. If you will observe different outfits you will be able to find what looks good on you.

This will give me much more experience. In real life a common girl like cannot have such amount to peices to see what amazing outfits I can make. So it’s an amazing way to explore your ideas.

I am not suggesting you to do the same because it’s time consuming and many people doesn’t have that much time to waste. What I actually wanna say is that you should observe outfits that might be on the social networking sites and it can be people arround you.

I thing that has changed since I have started blogging is that now I pay much more attention to what others are wearing and how beautifully they carry their outfits.

Thank you.

Please see the first outfit created by me on shein.

I have created a few outfits on limeroad but I didn’t enjoyed that that’s why I left that.

Have a NYC day.



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