Geometric pattern.

Fresh vibes from the geometric patterns.
Triangle,circle,square,rectangle geometric patterns.

Hello everyone.

The patterns which have geometrical shapes like circle,triangle,rectangle,and square are the geometrical pattern.

Different designs can be designed by using these specific shapes.

I love geometrical patterns on the short skirts. Everything looks unique when have geometrical patterns,but there is a different charm in the skirt with geometrical pattern.

Knee lenght skirt with triangular geometric pattern. Colors used are black,red,sky blue.
Skirt with geometric print

You can easily style a skirt a black or white shirt.

It gives an antique look. Something like, vintage.

Romania is well know for it’s beautiful geometric patterns.

Dhaka topi also have these geometric patterns.

Best paired up with simple different color items. It highlights the geometric pattern. This makes your look a little bit more interesting and unique. It is a look with elegance. It will give you a new and fresh look.

This season try some different and amazing geometric patterns on different clothing items.

Handbags looks pretty awesome in the geometric patterns.

Jewellry looks so much more glorious than the rest of it.

So I suggest you guys to add a few more geomertic patterns in your wardrobe.

Thank you so much for you precious time.



By ankitaa01

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