How to wear booties with pants?

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I was looking for something on the browser and I find out that a question that people ask frequently is how to wear booties with pants?

If anyone among you don’t know what booties are then let me tell you that ankle length boots are also known as booties.

The best way is to wear them with ankle lenght pants if they are well fitted.

If you do not have ankle lenght pants then you can fold your regular pants twice with a little margin. It will give you a really amazing look.

If you want to wear booties with loose fitted pants then they will cover the booties. This can look realy weird as well as really chic. It depends on the outfit that you are choosing.

So if you are choosing the first two options then its really easy for you rather than the third option but if you want to experiment your outfit or want some change then you can try the third one.

Thank you so much for your precious time.

How will you style booties with pants???

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By ankitaa01

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11 replies on “How to wear booties with pants?”

I also think this type of boots can be used as you described, very nice ideas. Notice though that for short women the first version can “cut” somehow the length of the leg, it depends a lot on the booties’ and the pants’ color to assure continuity and the use of proper stockings. I like very much these booties in combination with long boot cut jeans.

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I may be a little off topic, but you have a very nice fashion blog here, and you are a very lovely woman. Much success wished to you here. I think these boots are not for me, but if I had a sword, maybe I could get away wearing the “gladiators” in the previous post! Thanks for visiting me. Regards,

Greg and the cats at the felinecafe

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Okay, so let me try to understand this. Booties are ‘never’ open toed?
A real boot looking shoe? I see them in movies all the time, especially with slacks, but never ankle tight pants.
And never with wider pants that deter from the boot statement either. For every ten women filmed, maybe two or three appear to be a perfect selection, while the others truly looked tacky.
I have even seem women and girls wearing them with shorts and rolled up denims.
I just figured their tennis shoes were too dirty and they didn’t want to wash them.

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