Items you can shop.

Hello everyone.

As summers are arriving it’s time to fill your wardrobe with some new pieces.

I have come accross some really amazing items. I hope you will like them as much as I did.

First one is this shirt-cum-top. Loved these stripes. It gives such a fresh look.

As I told you in the previous post that off-shoulder tops are in trend here is this black and white stripes off-shoulder top.

Here are fishnet tights that are so much in trend and everyone wishes them to be in their wardrobe.

This one is a safari jacket. This one is so much cool.

Sheer tops are also very much trendy nowadays. One of those is this one.

Last one is this loose fit hoodie that you can wear like a dress or with jean or legging.

This is all for today.

I hope you find these items amazing.

I’ll come back with another post soon.




19 thoughts on “Items you can shop.

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  1. I have always enjoyed seeing stripes on clothes whether it is on a shirt, or a dress, or something like the shirt-cum-top above. Stripes look great in black and white and in colors and there is so much variation of/in patterns and styles within striped items to choice from.

    I have not studied fashion beyond reading Vogues and their history and enjoying seeing other people’s fashion. I always liked the styles and fashion Bill Cunningham showed us. From my own experience wearing different styles of clothes and jackets the Safari jacket has hints of the original duster jackets. I can not call it an update because the time period gap has been too long but I feel that the shortened collar, the breast pocket(was a side pocket), and the hem line down the front are definitely reminiscent of a duster jacket.


    The hoodie if very nice. I have worn several different ones in the past and currently own one now. The one I have now is thick and heavy and warm. However I like the thinness of this one and how it makes or I imagine it would make one feel light as well as warm if needed. Is it a tight cotton weave that breathes well?

    Thank you for visiting my poems and sharing your fashion items and styles.
    Sam Sutlive.

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    1. No, tight cotton weave doesn’t breathes well.
      I will recommend no one to opt. for tight cotton weave in summers.
      Demin is the tight cotton weave and it’s not that much comfortable in summers.
      However cotton clothes are a blessing in summers.
      It seems that you have quite good understanding of fashion.
      Thank you so much for sharing your views.
      Your views are really valuable.

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      1. Thank you for correcting my term error. My parents sew some, and my mom, Rene’ makes clothes. We have always talked about different weaves or clothes styles. So I do enjoy fashion from whatever perspective you would call my perspective. I do not even no the right term for that. If you like Bill Cunningham’s vision there is a documentary about him that was made between a year and five years before he passed away.

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