Shopping tips

We all go shopping either alone or with friend and family. I love going for shoping with my mom because she has a great taste in fashion and she truly knows my style. One more reason is that is she has way more knowledge of fabric than me.

So today’s shopping tips are:

• Know your budget: It’s the most important thing while going for shopping. Surely, you don’t want to feel bad when you don’t have enough money to buy what you want.

• Make a list: making a list really helps you out if you want to buy a lot of things. It’s not neccesary to note down things if you can remember them all.

• Knowledge of fabric: If you are going to a local store you definitely don’t want to get cheated. So if you don’t know much about fabric then go with someone who knows.

• Bargaining: When you are shopping branded things there is nothing you can do but if you buying from a local store then bargaining is your tool to save a few bucks.

• Selecting best outfit: When you enter a store you see a lot of items from them only few are those that you want to buy. Now separate them out it will make it easy for you to choose.

Now, from those choose according to color first then design and then fabric and then see these fits in your budget. If you still have more items than you need try them out because there are some items that we love but doesn’t looks good on us.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on shopping then avoid going for new stores.

I hope these tips are helpful.

Thank you so much.

I’ll be back with another post soon.

Bye bye.


By ankitaa01

fashion: live in style

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