My favourite black.

When we talk about dressing black is the color that looks best on everybody. Anything in black is a masterpeice itself. It doesn’t need any accessory to be best. Black color is always in trend.

The first outfit is a bardot neckline top with drawstring pants. Perfect outfit for morning walk.

Another one is a casual yet sassy outfit. It is a letter print ribbed crop tee and skirt.

This one is a turtle neck pearl detail ribbed pencil dress. A classy outfit for dinner , party and movie.

Here are a few items from everyone’s favourite H&M.

Also two handbags are here one is simple large bag and other is a stone studded purse. Taken from fashion trends.

As always I have come up with a pair of heels. Hope u like it.

Bye bye..

Take care…

I’ll be back again with another post.

By ankitaa01

fashion: live in style

30 replies on “My favourite black.”

Back in black.
I hit the sack.
It’s been so long,
I’m glad to be back
I’ve been let loose from the noose
That’s kept me hanging about.
I keep looking at the sky
Cos it’s getting me high.
Forget the hearse
Cos I’ll never die.

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Hey ankita. Its evident that you are a fashion freak and also have a good knowledge about it. So grabbing the opportunity I would like to ask you that what is the best thigh high boot that I can gift my girlfriend. She is 22

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