Perfect date outfit…

Everyone tries to look their best on their date.But it is so difficult to come to the result. What we need is someone to suggest us what to wear, and that someone is our friend or sister mostly because they know us and our style very well. They know what we like and looks good on us.

It also depends what type of clothes we prefer to wear and we are comfortable in. Accordingly, we should dress. Mostly girls like to wear dresses.

That’s why today’s outfit is a dress that you can wear on your date. I have come up with these….

The most important thing while dressing is it shouldn’t be too sober that it will look dull and not too much efforts, that might make it look tacky. You should balance your outfit.

Some people try to pair things up like… suppose they are wearing a red dress then pairing them with red heels, red earings,red necklace, red bangles and a red lipstick. That seems to be funny to me…

I will suggest you to avoid such thing and try sth unique.

By ankitaa01

fashion: live in style

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